Board Policies

All current NLPS Board policies are accessible below.

Board policies are reviewed on a regular basis. When changes are made and have been reviewed by the Board, policies are circulated to stakeholders for feedback. That feedback is then reviewed and considered by the Board before final approval is given to the policy. Starting in 2021, all policies that are currently available for feedback will be shared on our Engage NLPS site.

One of the questions we get asked a lot is “What is the difference between a Board Policy and an Administrative Procedure?”.

Board policies have been developed to highlight and support the very important governance function of the Board. They contain statements of belief, expectations, and sometimes specific requirements. They are intended to be supplemented by Administrative Procedures; the procedures and practices established by the Superintendent to direct staff.

The development of the two separate and distinct documents is meant to reinforce the distinction between the Board's responsibility to govern and the Superintendent's executive or administrative duties.

Policy 1 - Division Mission Statement, Beliefs, Values and Goals

Revised November 2010

Policy 2 - Role of the Board

Revised June 2021

Policy 3 - Role of the Trustee

Revised April 2020

Policy 4 - Trustee Code of Conduct

Revised August 2020

Policy 5 - Role of the Board Chair

Revised April 2020, Reviewed May 2022

Policy 6 - Role of the Vice-Chair

Revised April 2020

Policy 7 - Board Operations

Revised August 2016

Policy 8 - Committees of the Board

Revised February 2022

Policy 9 - Board Representatives

This policy was rescinded by the Board on May 11, 2022.

Policy 10 - Policy Making

Revised March 3, 2021

Policy 11 - Board Delegation of Authority

Revised January 2009

Policy 12 - Role of the Superintendent

Revised June 2021

Policy 13 - Appeals and Hearings Regarding Student Matters

Revised June 2013

Policy 14 - Hearings on Teacher Matters

Revised January 2009

Policy 15 - School Closure, Reconfiguration, Additions To, and New Construction of Schools

Revised June 2014

Policy 16 - Senior Administrative Appointment

Revised September 2012

Policy 17 - Student Fees

Revised March 2018

Policy 18 - Professional Staff Early Retirement Incentive Plan

Revised June 2012

Policy 19 - Support Staff Early Retirement Incentive Plan

Revised October 2004

Policy 20 - Transportation

Revised March 3, 2021

Policy 21 - Recognition and Celebration

Revised October 2004

Policy 22 - Board Supported Projects/Initiatives

Revised June 2013

Policy 23 - Continuation of Benefits - Benefit Allowance for Retirees

Revised June 20017

Policy 24 - The Lord's Prayer

Revised June 2014

Policy 25 - Religious Instruction

Revised March 2015

Policy 26 - Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Approved November 2014

Policy 27 - Recognition of Staff

Approved 2018

Policy 28 - Student Code of Conduct

Approved June 2018

Policy 29 - Health and Wellness of Students and Staff