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Staff and Caregivers Programming Guide

NEW! Simple Connections, Stronger Families

This toolkit can be used for family nights or community events. This program builds off the tools families already have by highlighting simple ways to connect that can make big impacts on family relationships. The focus is to build resiliency skills in families using the following protective factors:

  • Personal Wellness
  • Healthy Communication
  • A Sense of Togetherness
  • Positive Parenting Style
  • Strong Partner Relationships
  • Connections to Extended Family
  • Connections to Community

Topic(s) can be chosen based on school and/or community needs. SFSK utilizes this toolkit to build hands-on activities and exercises for family units to do together.


In addition to what is listed above, our Wellness Coaches are able to assist with facilitating other mental health programs and sessions upon review and request.

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