An Outreach School is an alternative learning program for potential and early school leavers. The program offers assistance for young adults in Grades 10 to 12 to complete their junior and senior high school curriculum. It offers a holistic approach to education by considering the students' total needs through counselling, recreation, living skills and work projects. The intent of the Outreach Schools is to encourage dropouts and at-risk students to complete more schooling and ultimately finish their schooling.

The program offers an individualized approach to learning.  A student can work at a rate that suits his or her abilities and still see successful completion of their goals and course material.  The student and teacher work together to set and review appropriate short and long term goals.  Students use class time to work on individual assignments and computer assisted learning.  Northern Lights School Division has seven Outreach Schools.

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For more information on Outreach Programs: 

Alberta Education Outreach Program Handbook

NLPS Administrative Procedure 215: Outreach Programs