Inclusive Education

Inclusive Education Programming Support

Northern Lights Public Schools is committed to offering the best possible learning situations for all students, including those with diverse learning needs. The learning needs of students can vary tremendously from those who require basic care and life skills programming to those who excel in one or more areas of performance and require specialized enrichment to match their need for challenge and inspiration. No matter what the need, we will do everything within our capacity to make the learning situation a positive one.


Student Support Team / Coordinator

Every Northern Lights school is required to have a Student Support Team to coordinate and oversee the programming for students with special needs. Each team has a coordinator who is the "go to" individual in the school in the area of special needs.

If you know that your child has special learning needs or suspect that your child may need some extra support, please make sure that you discuss these with your child's teacher, or with the SST Coordinator for your school.

The concern will be addressed through a procedure of screening and assessment to accurately identify the need and the best programming and instructional methods to meet the need. When it is determined that a learning need is present and that a modification in curriculum, strategies, or materials is needed, an Individualized Program Plan (IPP) Individual Support Plan (ISP) is developed involving the child's teacher, parents, and where appropriate, the student as well. The IPP or ISP are crucial in identifying goals and strategies and in measuring the success achieved. The IPP is reviewed during the year to provide for adjustments or additional modifications.