NLPS Awards and Scholarships

The following awards and scholarships are granted to students of Northern Lights Public Schools for excellence in specific endeavours. Some awards are open to students in Kindergarten through Grade 12 and others are designated for graduating students only. Please review the eligibility criteria carefully before applying. 

These awards can be applied for online using the link in the Application Information section or forms can be downloaded and submitted by email or regular mail.


This award is designed to encourage and recognize students who have made an impact in their school and/or community.


Nominees must meet the following criteria to be eligible for an award:

  1. Must be enrolled as a student in an NLPS school in the year in which they are nominated.
  2. Must have a signed FOIP consent form on file authorizing NLPS to recognize them as a recipient of the award. 

Award Criteria

Nominees must demonstrate one or more of the following:

  1. Initiating or participating in activities that actively promote or enhance a positive school culture.
  2. Modelling the qualities of good citizenship, volunteerism, philanthropy and/or social equity.
  3. Mentoring or providing assistance to their peers or other students.
  4. A high degree of empathy, kindness and compassion for others.
  5. Using their knowledge, skills and/or personal qualities to effect positive change, raise awareness, and/or amplify the voices of others.


NLPS will recognize a minimum of one student at each school on an annual basis. 

Nomination Process

Students may self-nominate or be nominated by staff, students, parents or community members.

Nomination packages must include:

  • A completed nomination form;
  • A letter of nomination outlining how the student meets the criteria for the award (maximum of three pages)
  • A letter of support from an NLPS school staff member (administrator, counsellor, teacher, educational assistant, etc.) (maximum of three pages)

Nominations can be submitted online, or downloaded and sent to Northern Lights Public Schools:

  • Emailed to:
  • Mailed to: NLPS Impact Award Selection Committee, 6005-50 Avenue, Bonnyville, AB  T9N 2L3

Nomination Deadline

Nominations must be received by April 15.


  1. Nominations will be reviewed by the Boards’ awards committee prior to April 30th.  
  2. Schools and award recipients will be notified in May and arrangements will be made to present the award at a school assembly or awards ceremony.

Indigenous youth graduating from an NLPS school

Sponsored by 
NLPS Board of Trustees

Indigenous youth pursuing post-secondary studies with the ultimate objective of obtaining a university degree, a college diploma, or a certificate from a technical institute.


June 10

Application Information Indigenous Achievement Award

Audience NLPS graduating students
Sponsored by 

Xerox Canada

One scholarship is awarded on the basis of an overall Grade 12 average of 65% or higher, and enrollment in a recognized post-secondary institution in business/entrepreneurship. 

Value One scholarship of $1,000

June 15 of graduating year

Application Information Xerox Scholarship Award


Audience NLPS graduating students
Sponsored by Helen Hayduk
Eligibility Students must be attending the Faculty of Education at the University of Alberta or a recognized transfer program to the institution.
Value One scholarship of $100
Deadline June 1
Application Information Walter Hayduk Memorial Scholarship

Audience Students graduating from Bonnyville Centralized High School
Sponsored by  Jane Ripkens
Eligibility A student of BCHS pursuing a recognized post-secondary program in music or the arts. Priority will be given to those applicants who are pursuing education in music of the arts with the additional intention of teaching in a public school.
Value One scholarship of $500
Deadline June 15th of graduating year
Application Information Jane Ripkens Scholarship Fund for Music and Arts

Audience Female graduate of Glendon School
Sponsored by The Board of the Maegan Janz Scholarship Society
Eligibility A student enrolled in the first year of a post-secondary institution, and is a member of the institution's basketball team.
Value One scholarship of $500. A second disbursement of $500 is available to the student upon completion of their first year of basketball studies.
Deadline June 30
Application Information Maegan Janz Ladies Basketball Scholarship

Audience Students graduating from Ecole Plamondon School
Sponsored by  Fred and Kathy Frolov
Eligibility Current graduate of Ecole Plamondon School with a Grade 12 average of at least 75%, recognized for fluency in Russian, and evidence of participation and/or contribution to the White Russian community.
Value $500
Deadline May 31st of graduating year
Application Information Plamondon Russian Language and Culture Scholarship

Audience Students graduating from Ecole Plamondon School
Sponsored by ACCESS Pipeline
Eligibility Students from Ecole Plamondon School who are pursuing post-secondary education in the trades or vocation of their choice.
Value One scholarship of $1,000
Deadline May 1
Application Information Richard Creelman - ACCESS Pipeline Scholarship Award