All students who want to take the bus to and/or from school need to be registered.

If you are already accessing student transportation services, you may not need to fill out a new transportation registration form. 

Please follow the instructions for registering if any of the following apply to you:

  • Your child is new to Northern Lights Public Schools
  • Your child is an NLPS student who has not accessed transportation services previously but wishes to start taking the bus to/from school
  • Your child has been taking the bus to/from school and you live within the town/city limits of Bonnyville, Cold Lake or Lac La Biche
  • Your child currently rides the bus but is changing schools next year
  • Your child currently rides the bus but their address or pickup/drop off locations will change in the new school year 

2021-2022 Transportation Registration

The 2021-2022 Transportation Registration Form will be accessible in School Engage in July. We will inform all parents by email when it is available.

  • If you are new to Northern Lights Public Schools, you must register for school before you can apply for Transportation Services. 

  • If you have a student currently enrolled in an NLPS school, the 2021-2022 Transportation Registration Form can be accessed through the PowerSchool Parent Portal.
    • You will need to access the Parent Portal using a computer (desktop or laptop) in order to access registration forms. You will not be able to access the forms using the Parent Portal app.
    • If you already have a Parent Portal account set up, you can log in, click on School Engage in the lower left hand corner and you will be able to access the form. Please make sure you select the form for the correct year. You need to complete a form for each child that is going to be riding the bus.
    • If you do not already have a Parent Portal account set up, please contact your school for information. Detailed instructions on how to set up an account are included in our PowerSchool Parent Portal Parent Guide.

Once you have submitted your registration form, the NLPS Transportation Department will contact you to confirm your information, discuss any fees that may apply, and provide you with information on how to pay those fees.

Where fees are applicable, registrations will not be considered complete until the first installment of fees has been paid through School Cash Online. 

Please note: To secure a spot on the bus for the first day of school, your registration must be received and, if fees are applicable, a minimum of one payment must be made, at least one week prior to the first day of school.

Policies and Procedures

Our Student Transportation Guide outlines the responsibilities of students, bus drivers and parents, as well as general information about our busing service.

Additional information is included in our Transportation Policy. Please note, this policy is currently under review.