Annual Education Results Report

Each year, the NLPS Board of Trustees is required to provide Alberta Education with an Annual Education Results Report (AERR) that details how the division is meeting the goals set for it by Alberta Education, and how it is addressing priority areas it has identified.

It is also required to approve and submit a Three-Year Education Plan that includes the strategies the division is planning to implement or continue to use to improve in the areas identified by Alberta Education, as well as the priorities it has set as a division.

Until 2021, NLPS combined the reports into one document. In 2021, the timing to submit the documents changed, so the division now produces its Three-Year Plan in June and its AERR in November.

Here is the division's most recent AERR: 2019-2020 AERR & 2020-2023 Three-Year Education Plan. The 2020-2021 AERR will be reviewed by the Board in the fall and approved by the end of November.

Annual Education Results Report Summary 2019-2020

For the 2019-2020 school year, Alberta Education identified four outcomes for school jurisdictions in the province to address. In addition, Northern Lights Public Schools focused on two new division priorities that were included in its Three-Year Education Plan:

  • Northern Lights Public Schools will improve the mental health and wellness of students; and
  • Northern Lights Public Schools will improve the numeracy skills of students.

These division priorities were developed with input from all stakeholders collected during an extensive stakeholder consultation process in 2018-2019.