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AP 605: Whistle Blower Protection


Northern Lights School Division employees should feel comfortable in all aspects of their job including when it comes to filing a complaint. The Division encourages employees to comply with their respective code of ethics in making good faith reports of any unlawful or improper conduct without the fear of retaliation.


  1. An employee should promptly report any such information to his/her supervisor, or alternatively to the employee’s designated officer namely the superintendent or board chairman, or his/her designate.
  2. The employee may also make the disclosure to the Public Interest Commissioner and advise the Commissioner that the disclosure has been made to the employee’s designated officer for the purposes of commencing an investigation.
  3. All complaints will be handled with sensitivity, discretion and confidentiality to the extent allowed by the circumstances and the law.
  4. Adverse personnel action or reprisals will not be taken against an employee for the reporting of information pursuant to this administrative procedure, provided the reporting employee has acted reasonably and in good faith.
  5. This administrative procedure does not immunize an employee from the consequences of his/her own actions, if such actions do not constitute reasonable and good faith disclosure in filing his/her report.
  6. Reports of employee violations must be signed by the individual making a complaint of a wrongful act. Anonymous communications will not be responded to.