Staff Directory

Office of the Superintendent

Superintendent of Schools

Rick Cusson

Executive Assistant to Superintendent

Brittany Steunenberg

Communications and Public Relations Manager

Nicole Garner

Communications Assistant

Dallin Schmidt

Educational and Information Technology

Director of ET/IT

Bob Barrett

Manager of Hardware Service

Dennis Kurek

Manager of Software and Integration Services

Matt Stavert

Computer Technician - Lac La Biche

Randy Heron

Computer Technician - Bonnyville

Russel Quinney

Computer Technician - Cold Lake

Boris Rodriguez



Paula Elock

Director of Business Services

Peter Desmond

Executive Assistant to the Secretary Treasurer

Stephanie Atkinson

Junior Accountant

Sarah Ahmed

Accounts Payable Clerk

Coreen Nadeau

Financial Officer

Bonnie Sutherland

Accounts Payable Clerk

Lynda Untereiner

Payroll/Benefits Assistant

Sam Vasseur

Maintenance and Facilities

Director of Facilities

Leah Rout

Facilities Clerk

Donna Cadieux

Foreman - Bonnyville

Jeff Lafreniere

Foreman - Lac La Biche

Glen Marko


Jarret Bourque


Jamey Cadieux


Paul Langridge


Brett Lapointe


Les Marcellus


Michael Marko


Cam Sheen


Director of Transportation

Matt Richter

Senior Driving Instructor

Marlena Bowering

Transportation Clerk

Bobbi Aylesworth

Transportation Clerk

Linda Debler

Transportation Assistant

Marlene George

People Services

Associate Superintendent - People Services

Jimmi Lou Irvine

Director of People Services

Jeannine Ellis

Director of Learning - Inclusive Education

Larissa Langevin

Director of Learning - Student Services

Grace MacLellan

Human Resources and Payroll Assistant

Taylor Sharun

Student Services Navigator

Paula Berenguer

Benefits Administrator

Tammy Costard

Inclusive Education Assistant

Lynn Matthews

Human Resources Administrator

Jackie Tkachuk

Payroll Administrator

Janell Unrau

Speech Language Assistant

Alexandra Barbu

Speech-Language Pathologist

Carrie Feeley

Speech Language Pathology Assistant

Michelle Finlay

Speech Language Assistant

Michaela Holoboff

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Teri Lebrasceur

Speech Language Assistant

Mireille Mahe

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Chrissy Warkentin

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Jillian York

Program Manager, Mental Health Capacity Building project - Successful Families, Successful Kids

Ashley Currie

Wellness Coach - Successful Families, Successful Kids

Pamela Cameron

Wellness Coach - Successful Families, Successful Kids

Aleisha Smith

Wellness Coach - Successful Families, Successful Kids

Donna-Lee Wowk

Wellness Coach - Successful Families, Successful Kids

Delaina Bull

Wellness Coach - Successful Families, Successful Kids

Randi Lameman

Curriculum and Programming

Associate Superintendent - Curriculum and Programming

Bill Driedger

Director of Learning - K to 6 Instructional Support

Lorrie Makepeace

Director of Learning - Grades 7 to 12 Instructional Support

Karen Draycott

Head of Record Services

Sharon Barrett

Health and Safety Coordinator

Andrew Snook

Learning Consultant

Suzanne Aessie

Learning Consultant

Petronella Bouvier

Eastern Edge Low Incidence Team

Administrative Assistant

Connie Bishop

Teacher-Consultant for Students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Holly Maschmeyer

Educational Audiologist

Melanie Monaghan

Teacher-Consultant for Students with Vision Loss; Orientation and Mobility Specialist (certified)

Niels Nicolajsen