Impact Award

The NLPS Impact Award is presented annually to students who have made a significant impact in their school and/or community by demonstrating one or more of the following:

  • Initiating or participating in activities that actively promote or enhance a positive school culture;
  • Modelling the qualities of good citizenship, volunteerism, philanthropy, and/or social equity;
  • Mentoring or assisting peers or other students;
  • Exhibiting a high degree of empathy, kindness and compassion for others; 
  • Using their knowledge, skills and personal qualities to effect positive change, raise awareness, and/or amplify the voices of others.

2024 Recipients

In 2024, the NLPS Board of Trustees recognized 23 students from 16 schools with Impact Awards.

Jojo Blackman - Cold Lake Outreach School

Jojo is a beacon of positivity and catalyst for change at Cold Lake Outreach School. She drives student engagement in initiatives like yoga, boxing, and escape rooms. 

Jojo is known for welcoming newcomers to the school and making them feel included. She offers to help with preparing lunches, setting up for school events, providing emotional support, and lending a listening ear, touching the lives of her peers and school staff with her genuine empathy and unwavering support.

Jackson Callioux - Lac La Biche Outreach School

Jackson is an outgoing and positive student who demonstrates resiliency and advocates for herself and others. She empowers others by sharing her personal experiences during presentations, classes, and sharing sessions. 

Jackson helps create a positive school culture by decorating, cleaning up, and helping with activities. This year, putting up the school's very old Christmas tree proved to be challenging for the group of students who were decorating for the holidays. Jackson persevered and worked to make the tree beautiful despite the fact that it was broken and beyond repair. She sees the possibility in situations that are not always optimal.

Making a positive contribution to her community is important to Jackson. She participates in teen functions at her church and teen time activities with FCSS, as well as volunteering with seniors and the Lac La Biche Native Friendship Centre.

Leah Campeau - H.E. Bourgoin School

Leah advocates for student voice and is always willing to lend a hand. She came forward to school administration and expressed concern on her classmates' behalf that more spirit days were needed. She consulted with students, drafted a schedule and now manages spirit days at her school.

Leah is also known for her bright smile and kindness towards others. She is always looking to include others, she will offer to work with any student on a group project, and her mannerisms attract others to want to work with her. 

She is active in leadership groups including Community Helpers, Musical Bear Club, and the Principal's Council. She also represents HEB on the NLPS Student Advisory Council to the Board.

Brylee Cardinal - Vera M. Welsh Elementary School

Brylee demonstrates exceptional leadership skills by taking the initiative to guide and help others in need. She assists classmates with challenging tasks, comforts friends in need, and showcases excellent problem-solving abilities, consistently demonstrating empathy, kindness and inclusivity. 

Brylee's positive attitude and resilience inspire her peers, making her a natural leader committed to serving her school community.

Phoenix Cardinal - Lac La Biche Outreach School

Phoenix is a friendly, outgoing student who always has a story to share. In any situation he is the first student to check in with staff or other students with a fist bump and friendly hello or “hey buddy”. He connects with all students and engages in conversations with students that are often quiet and reserved. 

His humorous stories and positive interactions uplift others. He keeps everyone laughing with his humorous stories about his work experience and social interactions as a gas jockey. He has been encouraged to write a book about his humorous events - Pumping Tales!

Phoenix is also a community volunteer. He volunteers at LacAlta Lodge, helping set up tables for events and engaging with seniors.

Kacen Deschambeau - Aurora Middle School

Kacen's kindness and empathy were recognized immediately by students and staff when he started attending Aurora Middle School. He gave up having lunch with his peers to assist with intramural sports activities. His leadership encouraged other students to engage in organized outdoor and indoor sports. He promoted fair play, refereed, and became a mentor for the students. He took time to build relationships with them and teach them skills related to the sports they were playing.

Kacen also became a mentor in the Active Living option class, working with other Grade 7 students to prepare Game Days for students in grades 4 and 5. He has a deep understanding of situational awareness and intuitiveness when it comes to game delivery and execution. He successfully assisted his peers when implementing rules and game play for Aurora's younger grades.

Cashis Dumont - Cold Lake Outreach School

Cashis is academically diligent, kind, compassionate, and empathetic. His dedication to supporting others is remarkable. He actively participates in all school activities and is particularly dedicated to the Community Helpers Program, where he selflessly contributes his time and energy to make a positive impact in his school community.

One of Cashis’ most admirable traits is his unwavering support for peers who may be feeling down. His ability to uplift and bring joy to others is evident in the smiles he brings to others. He consistently strives for academic success and supports the growth of those around him.

His thoughtfulness and daily gestures, such as making tea for anyone who wants it, showcase his consideration for others' well-being. His active engagement on CLOS social media platforms to spread positive awareness about the school reflects his enthusiasm and dedication to his community.

Emme Eagles - Art Smith Aviation Academy

Emme promotes a positive school culture and fosters inclusivity. She is caring, thoughtful, and helpful with her classmates. She participates in Best Buddies, which supports young adults in the community with intellectual and physical disabilities. Her involvement in this initiative showcases her dedication to serving others.

Additionally, Emme is active in the ASAA student leadership group. She played a key role in planning an afterschool family math night aimed at bringing students and families together for an enjoyable and memorable experience. 

On the playground, Emme serves as a role model for younger students, demonstrating kindness, empathy, and leadership as she guides them in safe play, mentors them in using Kelso choices, and engages in activities like pushing them on swings and playing tag. 

William Favel - Kikino School

William consistently demonstrates remarkable initiative and kindness by speaking up for others when they cannot do so for themselves. He actively initiates and participates in activities that foster inclusivity, kindness, and a sense of belonging. His infectious enthusiasm uplifts everyone around him.

Inside the classroom, William actively engages in discussions, collaborates with classmates, and seeks out opportunities for learning. He consistently reaches out to his peers, offering guidance, encouragement, and a listening ear. His empathy and genuine concern for others create a supportive environment where everyone feels valued. His curiosity and willingness to explore new ideas enrich the learning environment.

Outside of school, William amplifies Metis culture and demonstrates leadership by participating in community events, jigging and saying a prayer in Cree.

Rachel Hansen, Georgia MacLellan, and Abigail Wakulchyk - Iron River School

Rachel, Abigail, and Georgia can always be counted on to take on any leadership opportunities that arise, and once they have taken the opportunity, they run with it and expand on it exponentially to reach a level of excellence that was never expected from the original idea. They are involved in the Community Helpers Program, Kelso’s Choices groups, leadership groups, dance committees and school events.  They lead with knowledge, compassion, and kindness.

Together, the students were instrumental in re-introducing school dances to Iron River School. Under their leadership the school hosted a Winter and Spring dance, both of which were well-attended and well-organized. This is the start of a new school tradition that will be valued long after these students have left the school.

They have also spearheaded school talent shows, emceed school events, participated in Remembrance Day and Christmas concerts, and dedicated themselves to making Iron River a welcoming, inclusive environment for all students.

Makayla Head - Cold Lake Junior High

Makayla fosters a welcoming and supportive environment for new students and existing students at Cold Lake Junior High.

She helps facilitates transitions students from North Star and Nelson Heights each year, organizing scavenger hunts and personal tours. She ensures that newcomers receive a comprehensive understanding of the school, and a warm introduction to the positive culture of belonging and inclusion that defines CLJH.

Makayla also actively contributes to school initiatives and events, such as literacy week activities and book fairs during parent-teacher interviews. Her leadership in Student Council and peer tutoring demonstrates her commitment to academic excellence and compassion. 

Makayla advocates for student voice and positive change through Student Council and the principal's student focus groups. She is a positive school leader who takes on new challenges and actively tries to find ways to help make the school a better place.

Aleah Hoy - Nelson Heights School

Aleah is a remarkable student who consistently contributes positively to the school culture. 

She participates in the Grade 6 mentoring activities club, morning announcements, and she is the school's fiercest Battle of the Books champion. She is also an important member of the NHS media club, making her videos fun, creative, and helps to inform the school of all the goings on.

Aleah mentors struggling students and helps staff with various tasks, demonstrating her dedication to fostering a supportive environment. 

Sara Iftikhar - Cold Lake High School

Sara leads environmental projects through the Envi-Royals Environment Club, including helping to write and present the Canadian Climate Change Youth Manifesto to a panel of leaders from across Canada. She also participated in a Youth Climate Summit where she wrote and presented her own Climate Story focusing on how climate change is affecting biodiversity locally, nationally and globally. 

Sara helped to coordinate Earth Week Activities at CLHS which culminated with a 12-hour spin-a-thon stationary bike team challenge called “Wheel for Wind” where the teams raised  money for a windmill at CLHS to add to the school's roof top along with their solar panel array. 

Sara mentors other students and volunteers in the community, spending many hours with seniors at the long-term care centre in Cold Lake. 

Anna Iverson - Ardmore School

Anna serves as Student Council President and, under her guidance, the council successfully applied for a grant from the NLPS Board of Trustees to purchase a 3-D printer and photography equipment to enhance programming for students.

Anna is diligent in encouraging her fellow Student Council members to consider the whole student body in their planning, from the youngest preschool students to her peers in Grade 8. She also serves as a role model for other students, demonstrating a strong commitment to academic excellence, passion for learning, and athletic pursuits.

Kirk Jackson - Cold Lake Outreach School

Kirk fosters a positive and inclusive environment for all students and staff. One of his most notable achievements is helping young skateboard enthusiasts improve their skills at the skatepark. In the school, Kirk is always willing to help out with bringing in groceries, modelling appropriate behaviour and attitude during course work and presentations. 

Kirk is highly regarded by his peers and teachers for his kindness, integrity, and willingness to lend a helping hand whenever needed. He consistently demonstrates a commitment to service and a genuine concern for the well-being of others.

Kirk represented CLOS on the NLPS Student Advisory Council to the Board due to the positive impact he makes at school.

Cidra Kaufman - J.A. Williams High School

Cidra is dedicated to her education and community development. She serves as president of the Student's Union at J.A. Williams High School and co-President of the Student Grad Committee, organizing events and encouraging collaboration and participation.  

Cidra also volunteers with Girl Guides of Canada and FCSS. For the last two years she has organized the annual teen camp. She also participates in the JAWS Interact Club, connecting with individuals and raising awareness of international issues. 

Berkley Kress - Duclos School

Berkley's positive mindset, empathy, and compassion have been evident since she started Kindergarten at Duclos School. She helps other students and adults in the classroom. 

Now in Grade 4, Berkley takes time to visit the Kindergarten wing to deliver hot lunches, milk, or as part of the Peace Patrol. As a reading buddy, Berkley is a wonderful role model to younger students.

Berkley's acceptance and friendship create a supportive environment for everyone. She never hesitates to partner up with or invite students who need a friend to join them in class, phys. ed., or at recess. 

Berkley often reaches out to help other students who are engaged in interpersonal conflict or are struggling to maintain their composure due to frustrations. It has become increasingly clear that Berkley has taken the lessons she has learned through Kimochis, conflict resolution, and general feedback and discussions during class to heart and implements it to the benefit of those in her sphere of influence.

Damian Laforce - Bonnyville Outreach School

Damian is one of the first people to offer assistance for any activity. He enjoys preparing and filling the school's snack center and help out in the kitchen with the lunch program and making coffee. His kind and caring nature allow him to intuitively support others.

Damian is consistently polite and respectful to staff and fellow students. He seeks out jobs that make daily activities more efficient. Examples include putting up fresh information on the HIVE board, changing over the student calendar whiteboard, and writing inspirational quotes for others.

Abby St. Jean - Ecole Plamondon School

Abby demonstrates responsibility and dedication in everything she does, whether it is working as a work experience student or tackling athletic endeavours.

Last year, Abby did her work experience in the Grade 4 classroom. She is very kind and patient with the younger students and takes time to make them feel important and build their confidence. Her kindness and leadership are seen in all of her daily interactions with the younger students.

Abby was an integral part in leading the Sr. Girls Hawks volleyball team to consecutive Provincial Championship appearances in 2023 and 2024. She has worked hard to increase her skills and abilities on the court, and has become a role model for other students.

Abby also participates in Big Brothers Big Sisters program and has been with the same little since she started the program, demonstrating her maturity, compassion, an open mind and loving heart.

Marina Savelieff - Ecole Plamondon School

Marina promotes positivity and inclusivity within the school community. She is always eager to lend a helping hand and is deeply committed to making a difference in the lives of others. 

Marina is a mentor for her peers and younger students. Whenever she has the opportunity to help in another grade, or student in a lower grade she takes the initiative to get to know the younger students and support them in the tasks they need to complete. At recess she takes time to pick up litter on the playground, and volunteers many of her recess times in the library. During the book fair she has given up her recess time to help organize products and set up. She also helps students find books to purchase, or to take out in the library during her volunteer times.

Aliciana Ulliac - Vera M. Welsh Elementary School

Ali consistently demonstrates a strong commitment to helping others, exhibiting compassion and inclusivity. Whether its comforting a classmate who is feeling upset or ensuring everyone has a change to participate in activities, she consistently demonstrates genuine care and consideration for her peers. 

Ali is adept at collaborating with others, offering constructive feedback, and working towards common goals. She takes ownership of her learning, volunteers for leadership roles, and takes a proactive approach to problem-solving and decision-making. 

She maintains a positive attitude and encourages her peers to persevere, inspiring confidence and fostering a supporting learning environment for all.