Out of School Care

Registration for Out of School Care for the 2023-2024 school year opened on Thursday, June 1. Parents who register and pay their Out of School Care deposit prior to June 19, 2023 will have their name entered in a draw to win a special early bird prize.

Parents and guardians who already have a child that is eligible to attend Out of School Care will receive a notification that the 2023-2024 Out of School Care Registration Form is available for them to complete in School Engage. 

  • To access the form, parents will need to log in to their PowerSchool Parent Portal account,  click on School Engage in the lower left hand corner and you will be able to see and fill out the form.
  • If you do not already have a Parent Portal account set up, please contact your child's school and they will assist you.

Confirmation and Fees

  • Once you have submitted your form, it may take up to five working days (Monday-Friday, excluding statutory holidays) to review and approve your enrolment. Once your enrolment is approved, you will receive notification that your deposit fees are available to be paid through School Cash Online.
  • Registrations received after June 19, 2023 may not be processed until staff return to schools following the summer break.
  • Registrations received less than one week prior to the first day of school may not be guaranteed to start Out of School Care in the first week of the school year.
  • The Out of School Care program requires 30 days (one calendar month) written notice to withdraw from Full-Time Care (AM or PM).
  • Once you have registered and paid your deposit in June (or thereafter) for the upcoming school year, you may withdraw prior to August 1st and be refunded your full deposit less a $50 administrative fee (subsidy deposit or first/last month fee deposit). If you withdraw on or after August 1st, you will only be refunded your last month fee deposit, provided you have given 30 days (one calendar month) written notice,
  • Once OSC receives your 30-day (one calendar month) notice, you will be entitled to your deposit/last month fees back, provided you have no outstanding fees owing. You may withdraw anytime throughout the year by providing 30 days notice.

Casual Care

Casual Care will only be offered as space permits. Please talk to your Out of School Care staff about availability.