Bonnyville-Cold Lake Area Awards

Audience Students entering an apprenticeship program, trades program, or a post-secondary institution, college or university program.
Sponsored by Glendon Agricultural Society
Eligibility Preference will be given to applicants 25 years of age and under. The scholarship is open to students having been involved in Glendon School and Glendon community events with a current Glendon Ag Society membership.
Value $1,000
Deadline August 30
Application Information Glendon Agricultural Society Student Scholarship

Audience High School students who require financial support to pursue a post-secondary education in an industry-related field and who live within a community where Inter Pipeline operates.
Sponsored by  Inter Pipeline
Eligibility High school students who require financial support to pursue post-secondary education in an industry-related field. 
Value Not specified. First year recipients may apply for an additional award for their second year of post-secondary education.
Deadline Not specified. Must be nominated by a high school or Indigenous community.
Application Information Inter Pipeline Discovery Awards

Audience Graduating students within the Lakeland Co-op trading area.
Sponsored by Lakeland Co-op
  • Student committed to their studies and education goals
  • Students exhibiting leadership at school and in the community
  • Students whose parent/guardian are a current Lakeland Co-op Member and have been a Member for at least one year
    • Graduating students who have been accepted for full-time studies at an accredited post-secondary institution for the fall following graduation

Two - $1,000 Lakeland Co-op Community Strength Scholarships awarded annually

One - $1,000 Lakeland Co-op Member Strength Scholarship awarded annually

Deadline May 15, 2024
Application Information Lakeland Co-op Scholarship Program

Audience Students in the Lakeland who wish to pursue post-secondary education or an apprenticeship program.
Sponsored by Lakeland Credit Union
Eligibility Students who have been members in good standing of LCU for a half year (or have parents who have been members in good standing of LCU for one year), who demonstrate leadership, community/school involvement, educational and future goals, academic achievement, essay, and letters of recommendation.
Value $2,500
Deadline May 6, 2024
Application Information Lakeland Credit Union Scholarship Program

Three students that are dependents of members presently serving at 4 Wing Cold Lake in the Canadian Forces (Regular or Reserve) or as DND or NPF employees.

Sponsored by 
The Medley CFB Society

Eligibility Open to all graduating high school students who are dependents of personnel currently serving at 4 Wing in the CAF (Regular or Reserve) or as DND or NPF employees. The students must be planning on pursuing full-time post-secondary studies at a recognized educational institution (academic or technical), must have maintained a consistent academic standing and have contributed to the community in a demonstrable manner. Students should note that a consistent academic standing does not indicate they must be on the honour roll. If you have maintained a consistent grade point average, you meet that requirement. Peter Stauffer never insisted that personnel “be the best” – only that they “do their best” and try to better themselves.
Value Three scholarships of $2,500
Deadline TBD
Application Information The Medley CFB Society CWO Peter Stauffer Memorial Scholarship