Home Education

The Home Education option for parents and their children is available through Northern Lights Public Schools in partnership with your neighborhood school and the Alberta Distance Learning Centre.

While we support the concept of students attending public schools, the circumstances of a student may call for an alternative educational option.  In the past, parents and students have chosen a Home Education program for many, very different reasons.

  • Students may have health issues, which prevent them from regular attendance.
  • Students may need to leave with family members for an extended period of time for sports or employment.
  • Students may want a particular program of studies not available in area schools.
  • Students may find the structure of schooling difficult to cope with.
  • Students may have been expelled or suspended from regular programming.
  • Students may wish to follow an alternate curriculum focus.

Contact Information

If you are interested in pursuing Home Education in partnership with one of our schools, please contact the school principal.