Learning Together Anywhere

Our Learning Together Anywhere program is a teacher-directed blended learning program that allows students to learn at home with assistance from parents. 

Students remain at home or the site of their choosing during established school hours and engage in two-way, real-time live virtual instruction, and teacher-directed lessons and activities according to the NLPS 2020-2021 School Calendar

To enroll in our Learning Together Anywhere program for 2020-2021, please complete our Intent to Participate Form prior to August 26th. We will start contacting families the week of August 24 to confirm participation and discuss programming.


Relevant programs of study will be followed based on student grade and/or achievement. Some electives may require students to fulfill in-person course requirements. The teacher would designate the date and time for hands-on activities as appropriate.

Daily/Weekly Time Required

Students will be required to receive the same amount of instruction as in-person classes, but more flexibility will be offered in how instruction is accessed. Some instruction/lessons will be synchronous with students required to participate in a virtual class with other students and their teacher at specific times. Other classes/lessons will be asynchronous - recorded for students to access on demand. For certain courses, or to complete some assessments, students may be required to come to school. 

Technology Requirements

Each student will need a device (Chromebook or computer) they can use during the day.  Families with more than one child will need to ensure each child has a device they can access (not share). Reliable internet will be required, particularly if multiple children will be accessing programming simultaneously. NLPS may be able to assist families with their technology needs, but may not be able to accommodate all requests.


Parent Support Required

Parental assistance may be needed to supervise students and assist with assignments. The level of involvement will vary depending on the age, grade level and individual needs of the student. Parents will need to commit to ongoing, timely communication with the teacher to ensure programming outcomes are being met. Parents will be expected to assist and support students in using the technology required to participate.


Resources and Supports

Arrangements will be made to ensure students have resources they need to complete work (ie textbooks). Students who receive specialized services such as inclusive education support, ESL, or counselling may continue to receive access to support services, though they may look different than previous in-person opportunities. 

Resources, accommodations, and/or modifications to support students with disabilities will be provided when appropriate and where possible. 



NLPS assessment policies will be followed, including regular and appropriate classroom and division curricular assessments. Teachers will continue to outline and utilize effective assessment practices. 

Assessments declared mandatory by Alberta Education, including provincial achievement and diploma exams will be required. 


Length of Commitment

In order to provide optimal planning time, and adjust staffing accordingly, please complete our Intent to Participate Form no later than August 26th.

Students who select Learning Together Anywhere as their learning option should remain until the end of a grading period. 

Any potential changes will require consultation with administration. 



May be available as determined based on the individual programming needs of the child.



Daily attendance will be taken at scheduled times. A student will be counted as absent if they don’t have documented engagement during designated synchronous learning times.

Parents may continue to report absences using School Messenger.



All programs will be conducted as per the recommendations from the Chief Medical Officer of Health.