School Engage Tips

Tips for Completing your Student Registration in School Engage

Northern Lights Public Schools uses School Engage for program registrations. Here are some tips that will help you complete our registration form.

  1. Use a computer
    We recommend using a computer (desktop or laptop) to complete forms in School Engage. Forms can also be completed on a tablet, but are not mobile friendly and we do not recommend using a smartphone to complete forms.

  2. Check out our user guides
  3. Check the year on the form
    Please ensure you are filling out the form for the correct year. We often have registration for the current year running at the same time as registration for the upcoming school year. If you fill out the form for the incorrect year, you will be asked to log back in and fill out the correct form.

  4. Use the arrows to navigate
    You can use the arrows in the top corner to proceed to the next page.

  5. Look for the red boxes.
    Some fields are mandatory and must be completed before you can move to the next page. These fields are highlighted in red.

  6. Check formatting
    For some fields you will need to enter information in a particular way.
    • Postal codes must be n the correct format (ie. A1A 1A1). Make sure you are using capital letters and do not add the space, it will be added for you.
    • Phone numbers will be automatically formatted; you just need to enter the 10-digit number.
  7. Use page numbers to go back
    If you need to go back to a previous page, you can use the page number at the top to go back to that page. You cannot use page numbers to move forward unless you have completed all of the mandatory fields.

  8. Remember to Save
    You can save your form at any time during the registration process. If you get interrupted, or need to check some information to complete the form, save your progress and you will be able to come back later and complete it.

  9. Review your form
    When you have completed a form, review the information you have entered. Please pay particular attention to email addresses and phone numbers as it will make if difficult for us to contact you if those have not been entered correctly.

  10. Check your email
    Want to know if we have received your completed form? You will receive an email confirmation when the form is submitted.