Community Helpers

What is the Community Helpers Program?

Community Helpers is a peer helping program designed for youth and young adults, between the ages of 12 to 30. Major objectives of this program include: 

  • Enhance mental health and well-being among Alberta’s youth and young adults
  • Improve intervention and treatment of those at risk of suicide in Alberta
  • Enhance community capacity to develop and implement evidence-based interventions  and programs that reduce the risk of suicide 
  • Increase help seeking behaviour in youth and young adults across Alberta
  • Reduce stigma attached to mental health issues and help seeking behaviour 


How is the program being used in NLPS?

NLPS is fortunate to have received a grant from Alberta Health Services to help fund the implementation of this program in our schools. Our Community Helpers program co-ordinator works with Student Advocacy Counsellors at our middle and high schools to train students and empower them to help their peers.

Students are asked to identify natural helpers through a survey. The students who are identified are then invited to participate in the training. Once trained, those students are able to help their peers and connect them to supports in their school and community that can assist them further. 


Community Helpers 2021-2022