Student Scholarships and Awards

Northern Lights Public Schools has created this page to help students find and access local scholarships, awards and bursaries they may be eligible for. The focus is on awards offered by the school division and local businesses and organizations within our geographic area. Links are also provided for notable provincial and national scholarships as well as databases where students can do a broader scholarship search.

Deadlines for scholarships vary, with some being up to a year in advance of a student starting post-secondary education. If you want to see our list of scholarships and awards organized by date, please check out our Scholarships by Deadline page.

Please note that scholarship information sometimes changes frequently, particularly deadlines, so please check the actual scholarship website for the most up-to-date information, if there is one.

If you have any questions about accessing scholarships, awards or bursaries, please talk to your school's academic counsellor. They can assist and review applications and help you research other scholarships and awards you may be eligible for.