Three-Year Education Plan

Each year, the NLPS Board of Trustees is required to approve and submit a Three-Year Education Plan that includes the strategies the division is planning to implement or continue to use to improve in the areas identified by Alberta Education, as well as the priorities it has set as a division.

Until 2021, NLPS combined its Three-Year Plan with its Annual Education Results Report, which details how the division is meeting the goals set for it by Alberta Education, and how it is addressing priority areas it has identified.

In 2021, the timing to submit the documents changed, so the division now produces its Three-Year Plan in June and its AERR in November.

2021-2024 Three-Year Education Plan

Three-Year Plan Development

The foundation of the Northern Lights Public Schools 2021-2024 Three-Year Education plan is an extensive stakeholder engagement process done during the 2018-2019 school year to set new priorities for the division to focus on.

The process included face-to-face engagement sessions with students, parents and guardians, division leaders and school-based administration, and school staff. Facilitated by the division’s Director of Community Partnerships and Engagement, in each session participants were asked to identify areas of success, review and discuss student achievement and Accountability Pillar data, outline their experiences with the division, and provide recommendations for areas for improvement. In addition, the division created an online opportunity for students, parents, staff and community members to provide further feedback. The Board of Trustees then participated in an in-depth process of reviewing all the input to determine trend data. Based on their review, they concluded that Northern Lights Public Schools would focus on two improvement priorities: improving students’ mental health and wellness; and improving students' numeracy skills and understanding.

The Board provides ongoing opportunities for School Councils and stakeholders to be involved in this education plan through ongoing communication with stakeholders, opportunities for engagement on specific initiatives, policies and procedures, participation in school council meetings and annual regional meetings between the Board and school councils, Student Voice opportunities, public board meetings, as well as engagement on our new Engage NLPS and staff engagement sites. NLPS continues to identify new ways to engage our stakeholders and increase participation in our engagement opportunities. These additional engagement efforts continually reaffirm our commitment to our numeracy and mental health and wellness priorities.

Improvement Goals and Priorities 2021-2022

This year Northern Lights Public Schools is shifting to the assurance model for its Three-Year Education Plan. That provides the division with the flexibility to develop its own goals while incorporating the five domains identified in the Alberta Education assurance model.

For the 2021-2024 Three-Year Education Plan, NLPS has chosen to continue with the four
outcomes set by Alberta Education in the previous Accountability Pillar model. Those four
outcomes are: Alberta’s students are successful; First Nations, Métis, and Inuit students in Alberta are successful; Alberta has excellent teachers, school leaders and school authority leaders; and Alberta’s K-12 education system is well governed and managed. These will continue to be a focus for NLPS in addition to the two division priorities established through stakeholder engagement in the 2018-2019 school year: improving students’ health and wellness, and improving students’ numeracy skills and understanding.

It is likely that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic may continue to impact the division’s ability to implement the strategies within the Three-Year Plan, as it did in 2019-2020 and 2020-2021. The safety of students and staff, and the ability to provide ongoing programming in challenging circumstances will be our first responsibility. Beyond that, we continue to be committed to the improvement goals and priorities included in our 2021-2024 Three-Year Education Plan.

Assurance Elements

Northern Lights Public Schools is committed to ensuring student success and works toward
increased student achievement through in-school and external supports, partnerships with
various community organizations, and the continued growth and development of our staff.

As we plan for the 2021-2022 school year, we are mindful of the impact COVID-19 continues to have on our students. Plans for continued growth in achievement and personal success of our staff and students is at the forefront of our decision to continue to offer our Learning Together Anywhere program. This program allows families to choose a home-learning environment while still being a part of NLPS, an option many families have come to appreciate over the course of this past school year.