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Policy 27: Recognition of Staff


The Board believes that its employees are its most valuable asset in achieving the goals and priorities of Northern Lights Public Schools; therefore, the Board will recognize employees for dedication and commitment on an annual basis.


  1. Recognition in Northern Lights Public Schools will celebrate service and will emphasize a Northern Lights Public Schools identity for all employees.
    1. Milestone recognition for long service shall include all staff directly employed by the Division.
      1. Substitute teachers, staff contracted for less than a full school year, and temporary employees will not be considered for milestone recognition.
    2. Service by employees will be cumulative.
      1. Years of service will be calculated based on the number of school years the employee will have completed by August 31 of the year the celebration is being held. Staff whose employment started prior to Nov. 1 in their first year will be credited with one year of service for that year.
      2. Leave of more than one calendar year, with the exception of maternity/parental leaves, will not be considered as qualifying service.
      3. Extended disability periods longer than 12 months will not be considered as qualifying for service.
    3. Staff who believe there is a discrepancy between the years of service they have been awarded and the criteria outlined in this policy may request a review by the Board’s Recognition Committee.
  2. Milestones will be recognized in five-year increments beginning at five years of service. For each five-year increment in service, staff will receive a certificate and a gift.
    1. Gifts at each milestone increment will be of similar value annually.
    2. The value of the gifts at each increment will be reviewed annually by the Board’s Communications Committee with any recommendations for changes presented to the Board prior to budget discussions.
    3. Board’s Communications Committee will be responsible for reviewing gift selections annually. The committee will select a gift for each increment or provide recipients with a selection of gifts to choose from.
  3. Retirements will be recognized based on the following criteria:
    1. For the purposes of recognition by the Board, retirement is considered to occur when the employee has reached at least 50 years of age, and has provided notice of retirement to the division.
    2. For the purpose of administering this policy, April 1 will be the deadline date for notice of retirement in order for recognition to occur in that year’s celebration. Notice of Retirements received after April 1 will be recognized in the following year’s celebration.
    3. Each retiree will receive a commemorative gift.
    4. Staff shall only be recognized by the Board as a retiree once.