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Policy 29: Health and Wellness of Students and Staff

Northern Lights Public Schools welcomes all students and staff reflective of the diversity of our communities and is committed to demonstrating an understanding and respect for differences.

The Northern Lights Public School Board believes that student and staff health and wellness contribute to student learning and academic achievement. The Board believes in five dimensions of wellness which include:

  • Emotional wellness
  • Intellectual wellness
  • Physical wellness
  • Social wellness and
  • Spiritual wellness

These dimensions do not exist in isolation; it is the balance and interplay of these elements that constitute wellness. For example, all wellness curricula, including topics considered controversial or sensitive, such as those related to issues of sexual and mental health, are approached through the lens of this holistic definition of wellness. This provides opportunities for students to accept and appreciate diversity and the uniqueness of self and others.

Students, staff, and others participating in studies, inquiries, or discussions of topics related to wellness shall exercise sensitivity to ensure each individual is treated with respect and feels comfortable voicing their position. Additionally, all shall guard against expressing their personal opinions as fact.

The Board recognizes that health and wellness are individual and collective responsibilities. The Board believes that a state of personal health and wellness enables students and staff to reach their potential and to contribute to their community and society. The Board acknowledges that by working in partnership with students, staff, parents, community members, organizations and government that we can promote and foster lifelong habits that support wellness.

The Board is committed to supporting students and staff by providing opportunities to learn about, create and maintain an environment and culture of wellness.