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Policy Appendix C: Teacher-Board Liaison Committee

The Teacher-Board Liaison Committee is established as a standing committee of the Board as per the Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA) Local #15 Collective Agreement, Clause 23, with responsibility for work as detailed below:

  1. Purpose
    1. To maintain open channels of communication between itself, the Board and the Division’s professional staff. The Board expects the basic line of communication, however, to be through the Superintendent.
    2. To enhance communications through discussions which may involve Board policy, changes in conditions of professional service, system goals and objectives, and other areas mutually agreed upon.
  2. Powers and Duties
    1. The Teacher Committee shall be allowed a minimum of twenty-one (21) calendar days to inform staff and forward feedback to policy changes which would affect professional staff in order to provide input prior to the Board approving the policy in full.
    2. The Teacher Committee shall consist of one representative from each of the Division schools. A four (4) member executive committee from this group shall be selected to represent teachers on the Teacher-Board Liaison Committee.
    3. The Teacher-Board Liaison Committee shall avoid discussion of issues which are properly the responsibility of the Collective Agreement talks or of a Grievance Committee.
  3. Membership
    1. Two trustees
    2. Superintendent or designate
    3. Four (4) teachers, one from each of the geographical areas in the school division, and Committee Chair if necessary.
    4. A teacher selected by this group shall be the Committee Chair.
  4. Meetings
    1. The initial meeting of the Teacher Board Liaison Committee shall be held prior to the end of November with a second meeting held prior to the end of May. Additional meetings may be called by the Chair or upon the request of either group.
    2. The three (3) teachers and Chair on the Committee shall meet with the Superintendent and Board representatives regularly to study policies, proposed policy changes, and proactive TBLC issues.
    3. All meetings shall be open to members of the professional staff and trustees.
    4. The meeting agenda shall be established and circulated to all Committee members one week (seven days) prior to the meeting date. Responsibility for the agenda preparation and distribution shall reside with the Chair.
    5. Minutes of each meeting shall be distributed to Committee members, within one week (seven days) of the meeting. Minutes shall be distributed to trustees, Division schools, and division office after committee members have approved the minutes. (Minutes shall be recorded by an appointed representative and distributed with prior concurrence from the Committee Chair.)
    6. In the Board/Teacher meetings, the Committee shall not vote on items with the following exceptions:
      1. Approval of the Agenda
      2. Approval of the Minutes
      3. Adjournment
    7. Teacher Board Liaison Committee issues shall be included on the Board’s agenda upon request of the Committee.
    8. Costs related to the functioning of the committee shall be the responsibility of the respective parent bodies.
    9. A quorum shall consist of one teacher executive representative each of the three (3) geographical areas and two (2) board representatives.
  5. Amendments to the Frame of Reference
    1. The Teacher Liaison Committee Frame of Reference may be amended from time to time by agreement between the Board and the Teacher Committee.
    2. The Teacher Committee members are authorized to propose and ratify amendments on behalf of those members of the Northern Lights Alberta Teachers Association Local No. 15 who are employees of the Board.
    3. Board approval for amendments shall be through Board motion.
    4. Either party desiring to amend this Frame of Reference shall provide written notice to the other party through the TBLC agenda.
    5. Notice shall include reference to a section and/or subsection of the existing Frame of Reference.
    6. Details with respect to each item with the part serving notice desires to amend shall also be included in the notice to amend.