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Policy Appendix D: Support Staff Liaison Committee

The Support Staff Liaison Committee is established as a standing committee of the Board, with responsibility for work as detailed below:

  1. Purpose
    1. To provide open communication between itself, the Board and the Division’s support staff. The Board expects the basic line of communication, however, to be through the Superintendent.
    2. To enhance communications through discussions which may involve Board policy, changes in conditions, system goals and objectives, and other areas mutually agreed upon.
  2. Powers and Duties
    1. Liaise on emerging issues
    2. Items which are contained in the Terms of Employment, CUPE agreement or any Personal Service contracts will not be negotiated.
    3. Information for the purpose of clarification and better understanding may be presented.
  3. Membership
    1. Two trustees
    2. Superintendent or designate
    3. Support staff representatives. Efforts will be made to ensure there is at least one support staff representative from each support staff department, and or site. Support staff representatives are encouraged to participate for a two year term. Should a member leave the committee before the end of term, efforts will be made to replace with another staff member from the same department and or site.
  4. Meetings
    1. Minimum semiannually, additional meetings as required and agreed to by Committee members.