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Policy 8: Committees of the Board

In its attempts to govern the system in an effective and efficient manner, the Board may establish such standing Board Committees as it deems necessary. 

The Board shall:

  1. At its annual organizational meeting, establish standing committees and committee membership.
  2. At any duly constituted meeting, establish such ad hoc committees, and terms of reference for each, as it deems necessary.
    1. The term of an ad hoc committee and its membership shall be established by the Board.
  3. At the first meeting, each committee shall meet the powers and terms as recommended by legal counsel:
    1. Meetings: Meetings are to be called by the Chair in consultation with committee members, with the exception of the first committee meeting annually, which will be called by administration.
    2. Chair: The Chair will be selected at the first Committee meeting by the committee members.
    3. Quorum: Shall consist of a majority of committee members.
    4. Committee Mandate: Committee shall determine or reaffirm its mandate at the first meeting. Mandates shall be updated in the appropriate appendix.
    5. Decision Making: Committees shall be advisory unless the Board has assigned decision making powers. The Committee will make decisions by consensus; where consensus cannot be reached, the options shall be brought to the Board.
    6. Privacy/confidentiality concerns: Committee meetings are considered public unless the meeting moves in-camera. All closed discussions will follow Policy 7, Section 5.
    7. Reporting: The Chair is to provide a written report to the Board following each committee meeting.
  4. Standing Committees
    1. CUPE Negotiations Committee - see Appendix A
    2. Support Staff Terms of Employment - see Appendix B
    3. Teacher-Board Liaison Committee - see Appendix C
    4. Support Staff Liaison Committee - see Appendix D
    5. Communications and Recognition Committee - see Appendix E
    6. Truth and Reconciliation Committee - see Appendix F
    7. Superintendent Evaluation Committee - see Appendix G
    8. Superintendent Compensation Committee - see Appendix H
    9. Audit Committee - see Appendix I
    10. Transportation Committee - see Appendix J
    11. Finance Committee - see Appendix K
  5. Full Board Committees
    The following Full Board Committees will recur as standing items on monthly caucus agendas:
    1. Student Achievement
      1. Review and enhance student achievement at all levels for students within the Northern Lights School Division
      2. Select recipients for selected scholarships
      3. Review aggregate system wide results
      4. Review strategies with administration for improving student achievement.
    2. Political Action
      1. Develop and implement strategies of advocacy to aid in achieving the goals and priorities of the Board.
    3. Policy
      1. Actions taken by the Board shall align to Policy 10 - Policy Development.
  6. Ad Hoc Committees
    Ad hoc committees are established to assist the Board on a specific project for a specific period of time. The terms of reference for each ad hoc committee will be established at the time of formation.
  7. Resource Personnel
    The Superintendent may appoint resource personnel to work with committees, and shall determine the roles, responsibilities, and reporting requirements of the resource personnel.
  8. ATA Negotiations Committee
    This committee will be activated as required.