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New Principal for Wandering River School

Northern Lights Public Schools is pleased to announce the appointment of Lisa Iversen as Principal of Wandering River School for the 2020-2021 school year.

"Teaching at Wandering River School is not just a job, it is my passion," said Iversen. "This little school holds my heart and soul.  I am excited and eager to expand my role and I can't wait to get back in the building with our wonderful staff and students!"

Iversen has been the school's Kindergarten to Grade 3 teacher since 1997, teaching all subject areas to students in those grades in the same classroom. She has also acted as Principal Designate and the school's Student Services Team coordinator. In 2006, Iversen received a Xerox Legacy Award for Distinguished Services in Providing Instructional Services.

"As a teacher at Wandering River School, Ms. Iversen is familiar with the unique challenges of operating a small school," said Superintendent Rick Cusson. "We are looking forward to having her work with the school's families and community partners to expand on the opportunities available to students."

Northern Lights would also like to congratulate current Principal Dan Coonan on his retirement. Amongst his accomplishments during his 31 years of service to the division, was his quick response and accommodation of students who had evacuated from Fort McMurray in 2016, which tripled the size of the school. 

"Mr. Coonan has done a fantastic job of truly making the school part of the community of Wandering River," said Cusson. "We wish him all the best in his retirement."