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Executive Restructuring

In order to better meet the needs of students and staff, Northern Lights Public Schools will be adjusting the assignments of its senior leadership team effective January 1, 2021. 

“A key component of addressing the new division priorities in our Three-Year Plan was taking a look at how we could realign our structure to support those priorities,” said Superintendent Rick Cusson. “These changes will better position us to address numeracy and student mental health and wellness as well as other areas identified in our plan.”

Associate Superintendent Terry Moghrabi will be responsible for Programming and Curriculum, which will include the division’s Numeracy priority, as well as curriculum, student assessment and reporting, technology, transportation, and the division’s nutrition program.

Associate Superintendent Jimmi Lou Irvine will focus on Student Services and Indigenous Relations. This portfolio includes the division’s Student Mental Health priority, inclusive education, preschool and out of school care, and human resources for the division’s support staff.

Associate Superintendent Bill Driedger will continue to lead the division’s response to COVID-19 and implementation of the division’s School Re-Entry Plan. In addition, Driedger will be responsible for the Teaching Quality and Professional Services portfolio, which includes human resources for the division’s teachers, personal services, the division calendar, and student records.

The senior leadership team will be working collaboratively to ensure a smooth transition to the new structure. Some overlap in responsibilities may occur during the transition period. 

“There is a high degree of collaboration that occurs with the senior leadership team, so we don’t anticipate there will be any interruptions in service to students or staff while we make this transition,” Cusson said.