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Celebrating our stars

Northern Lights staff gathered in Glendon on Friday, May 3 for the Board’s annual Staff Recognition Evening.

The theme of this year’s celebration was “A Night Among the Stars.” The event recognized four retirees, the Board’s Edwin Parr nominee and candidates, and 132 staff who were being recognized for their service to Northern Lights Public Schools.

“We are privileged to have staff that are dedicated to working collaboratively to ensure all of our students have the opportunity to achieve success,” said Board Chair Arlene Hrynyk. “Each and every day they make a difference in the lives of children in our communities and we are so proud of the work they do.”

This year’s event recognized four retirees who have served a combined 107 years with Northern Lights Public Schools. The Board also recognized staff who have served with the division for five, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 years. This year the Board recognized five staff that have worked in the division for 30 years or longer.

The Board also recognized Blake Mezzarobba from Kikino School, who has been nominated by Northern Lights for the Alberta School Boards’ Association’s Edwin Parr Award for outstanding first year teachers. Bryanna Belanger from Aurora Middle School and Avalon Verzuu were also recognized as candidates for the nomination.


2018-2019 Staff Recognition Evening
“A Night Among the Stars”



Brenda Bischke Cold Lake Middle School
Colette Bruce Caslan School
Lynn Grant-Yackimec École Plamondon School
Ellen Kaulback Division Office


35-Year Service Award Recipient

Fedosia Alagoz École Plamondon School


30-Year Service Award Recipients

Janine Veale Cold Lake High School
Leona Cardinal Kikino School
Suzanne Reilly Pine Meadows
Dan Coonan Wandering River School


Twenty-Five Year Service Award Recipients

Judy Dupras Aurora Middle School
James McDonald Cold Lake High School
Brent Stasiuk Cold Lake Middle school
Donna Cadieux Division Office
Ellen Kaulback Division Office
Jane Drummond Duclos School
Denise Makaruk Duclos School
Janice Connolly Glendon School
Larry Godziuk H.E. Bourgoin Middle School
Elizabeth Young J.A. Williams High School
Pam Wells North Star Elementary School
Lynda Bateman Vera M. Welsh Elementary School
Cheryl Burns Vera M. Welsh Elementary School


Twenty-Year Service Award Recipients

Colette Primeau Ardmore School
David Skoglund Caslan School
Natalie Ogrodiuk-Whaley Cold Lake Elementary School
Mark Ballard Cold Lake High School
Lori Flanders-Midford Cold Lake High School
Shalini Kapoor Cold Lake High School
Cindy Mahe Duclos School
Stacy Mercier Duclos School
Matthew Dyck J.A. Williams High School
Alyson Nowicki J.A. Williams High School
Travis Guinand Northern Lights Outreach Schools


Fifteen-Year Service Award Recipients

June Weldon Ardmore School
Walaid Zahra Aurora Middle School
Trent Lunde Cold Lake Elementary School
Nathan Varughese Cold Lake Elementary school
Cheryl Dyck Cold Lake High School
Deirdre Matthews Cold Lake High School
Lynn Clark Division Office
Paul Langridge Division Office
Matthew Stavert Division Office
Cindy Hornseth Duclos School
Annette Nicholson Duclos School
Carmen Schneidmiller Duclos School
Shane Ennest Ecole Plamondon School
Maureen Ference Glendon School
Marlo Hanson J.A. Williams High School
Bonnie Belhumeur Northern Lights Outreach Schools
Jacqueline Densmore Nelson Heights Middle School
Luis Garay North Star Elementary School
Susanne Hildt North Star Elementary School
Nicole Biollo Vera M. Welsh Elementary School


Ten-Year Service Award Recipients

Leanne Varughese Art Smith Aviation Academy
Alecia Cox Aurora Middle School
Nouhad Fayad Aurora Middle School
Sherraz Moghrabi Aurora Middle School
Julie Hutchison Bonnyville Centralized High School
Stephen Kozina Bonnyville Centralized High School
Jody Serner Bonnyville Centralized High School
Michael Straile Bonnyville Centralized High School
Jennifer Vermilion Bonnyville Centralized High School
Brandie Desjarlais Caslan School
Shelley Handel Caslan School
Alicia Sinclair Cold Lake Elementary School
Rose Lapointe  Cold Lake High School
Monique MacInnis Cold Lake High School
Jeff Meldrum Division Office
Valerie Zahara Division Office
Denise Chapelsky Duclos School
Amber Hayward Duclos School
Leanne Jordison Duclos School
Patti Cameron Ecole Plamondon School
Vera Reutov Ecole Plamondon School
Alison Walker Glendon School
Cheryl Edwards H.E. Bourgoin Middle School
Lois Hart H.E. Bourgoin Middle School
Carol Lauzon Iron River School
Brad White Kikino School
Maxine Dewhurst Nelson Heights Middle School
Annette Eludin Northern Lights Outreach Schools
Rachelle Best Vera M. Welsh Elementary School
April-Dawn Fabbro Vera M. Welsh Elementary School
Rachel Feledichuk Vera M. Welsh Elementary School
Cheryl Kuraitis Vera M. Welsh Elementary School
Lisa Lloyd Vera M. Welsh Elementary School


Five-Year Service Award Recipients

Ashley Heissner Art Smith Aviation Academy
Brandon Isert Art Smith Aviation Academy
Rachel Hunt Bonnyville Centralized High School
Chelsea Marchand Bonnyville Centralized High School
Crystal Zaugg Bonnyville Centralizd High School and H.E. Bourgoin Middle School
Elise Atkin Caslan School
Bryan Boychuk Cold Lake Elementary School
Catherine Deep Cold Lake Elementary School
Jennifer Elliott Cold Lake Elementary School
Diane Laforce Cold Lake Elementary School
Patricia Milne Cold Lake Elementary School
Veronica Montgomery Cold Lake Elementary School
Christine Shawaga Cold Lake Elementary School
Chantelle Wheeler Cold Lake Elementary School
Nicole Crawley Cold Lake High School
Sharon Dahlseide Cold Lake High School
Pennylynn Heffner Cold Lake High School
Tiffaney Thompson Cold Lake High School
Jeff Zaugg Cold Lake High School
Alice Normand Cold Lake Middle School
Bobbi Aylesworth Division Office
Rachel Boychuk Division Office
Shawna Babb Duclos School
Melissa Jacob Duclos School
Grace Nickless Duclos School
Tania Normand Duclos School
Elaine Skarsen Duclos School
Katlyn Strzepek Duclos School
Dmitri Evdokimov Ecole Plamondon School
Joshua Backer Glendon School
Nicole Yadlowsky Glendon School
Kacie Nault H.E. Bourgoin Middle School
Allison Wurzer H.E. Bourgoin Middle School
Jody Paquette Iron River School
Jessica Wakulchyk Iron River School
Amena McKay J.A. Williams High School
Michael Pruden  J.A. Williams High School
Mitchell Wainman  J.A. Williams High School
Gilda Lai Kikino School
Lynzey Brodziak Kikino School
Mitchell Gillis Nelson Heights Middle School
Marie Walde  Nelson Heights Middle School
Laura Anderson North Star Elementary School
Jenna Head North Star Elementary School
Helen Lewis North Star Elementary School
Nicholas Brown Vera M. Welsh Elementary School
Julia May Vera M. Welsh Elementary SChool
Jody Theroux Vera M. Welsh Elementary School
Emma Thomas  Vera M. Welsh Elementary School