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2022 Friends of Education Award - Brian Deheer

The Northern Lights Public Schools Board of Trustees presented Brian Deheer with a 2022 Friends of Education Award on Wednesday, December 14.

Mr. Deheer was recognized for the many hours he has volunteered to support environmental education at Aurora Middle School. Since 2013, he has assisted with activities that support the Grade 5 and Grade 8 curriculum, providing enhanced opportunities for students to learn about wetlands and watersheds.

“The hands-on learning opportunities that Mr. Deheer provides for our students are the types of lessons that students remember long after that particular unit is completed,” said Board Chair Karen Packard. 

For Grade 5 students, Mr. Deheer runs a unit that culminates with a wetlands debate activity personalized to the wetland area at the school. Students have learned how to balance commercial development while preserving wetlands areas.

In Grade 8, students learn to become stewards for their local watershed and environmental leaders in their community. Mr. Deheer uses an interactive watershed table to introduce students to watershed and demonstrate how pollutants can enter the water system.

“Sharing his knowledge and skills with our students not only enhances their educational experience, it also helps our students develop into citizens who are aware of the world around them and the impact they can make,” said Packard.

Brian Deheer is one of four recipients of a 2022 Friends of Education Award. Additional awards will be presented at future board meetings. Information about all current and past recipients is available on the NLPS website.