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Mental Health Survey for Parents

To help us identify where students need the most support, how we can best support parents, and how our Board can better advocate for mental health services in our schools and our communities, Northern Lights has created a Mental Health Survey for parents.

The survey provides parents and guardians an opportunity to provide the division with feedback on student mental health, the services we provide in our schools, and how we can work together to improve student mental health and wellness.

All parents and guardians were emailed a link to the survey. If you did not receive the link, please contact your child's school and they can share the link with you.

The survey is open from Monday, March 28 to Friday, April 8. Parents and guardians can answer student-specific questions for up to five children in the survey.

For more information about our focus on improving student mental health and wellness, please visit the Mental Health and Wellness section of our website.