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Executive Functioning - August 2021

Welcome to the August edition of Wellness Wednesday! 

Our Successful Families, Successful Kids wellness coaches have enjoyed meeting students and families this summer during their Pop Up events at local school playgrounds. As we prepare to make the transition Back to School, the theme for August is Connections and the resources we are sharing focus on helping students build their executive functioning skills.


Back to School and Mental Health

Mental health continues to be a priority for Northern Lights Public Schools. We know Back to School can be a stressful time for students and their families, so we have updated our Back to School Mental Health checklist to help families focus on things that can help reduce stress and anxiety at this time of year. You can find the checklist on our website: Family Back to School Mental Health Checklist.


Executive Functioning Resources

  • Minute to Win It
    This resource developed by our SFSK Wellness Coaches features fun games that friends or families can do together. These games help enhance executive functions that we do every day such as task initiation, working memory, focused attention, impulse control, problem-solving, task management, and critical thinking.

  • Strengths Chain
    This resource from will help children and youth identify their strengths and set goals.

  • Activities Schedule
    This resource developed by our SFSK Wellness Coaches provides youth with a template to plan and schedule their time.

  • Brain Games
    Strategies developed by Easel Lab to help build executive functioning skills in children and youth.


More Resources

Over the summer, we updated the Mental Health and Wellness section of our website, adding more resources for our students and their families. If you are looking for activities to do with your children prior to the start of the school year, or are looking for more information on a mental health topic, please check out these pages of our website:

  • Resources for Families - includes activities for students and families, downloadable resources, as well as links and videos to information on a variety of mental health topics. All of these have been created or curated by our Mental Health team.

  • Wellness Journals - download one page or a whole journal full of prompts. There’s a wellness workbook full of fun activities for our K to 3 students, and journals for our 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12 students, as well as one for adults.

  • Mindful Minutes and Movements - check out all of the videos created by our Successful Families, Success Kids wellness coaches that demonstrate ways to reduce stress and anxiety and become more mindful.

  • Wellness Wednesday blog - Review all of the Wellness Wednesday information shared with families last year.