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Updates to Procedures

Last year, NLPS administration started an extensive review of the division's administrative procedures (AP's). Between now and the end of the 2019-2020 we will be sharing those revised AP's with our stakeholders.

Some of the AP's will be updated and implemented immediately and shared with stakeholders so they are aware of the new procedures. Others will be circulated for feedback so stakeholders have an opportunity to provide input on the changes and make suggestions for improvements before they are implemented.

Administrative Procedure 130 - School Year and Administrative Procedure 200 - Organization for Instruction are the first two AP's that have been updated. They replace the previous versions of those procedures. Other AP's will be circulated for feedback over the next couple of weeks. 

NLPS has also set up a new page on its website that lists all of the current feedback opportunities that are available to staff, students, parents, and our communities. This will include all surveys that are underway, AP and Board Policy feedback opportunities, and public engagement opportunities. When possible, we will also provide information on the feedback that was collected, how it was used, and what changes may have been made as a result. You can check it out here: NLPS Feedback Page

You can also access our current Administrative Procedures in the Accountability section of our site: NLPS Administrative Procedures