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Empowering Physical Education at Cold Lake Outreach School

Students at Cold Lake Outreach School will soon have increased opportunities for physical activity, thanks to the hard work of CLOS Administrative Assistant Allison Untereiner and assistance from community partners. 

For the past year, Untereiner has gone above and beyond in her role at CLOS, securing grants and forming strong partnerships with local businesses to improve the physical education of students. Her work has resulted in a $20,000 partnership with Cenovus, which is currently being utilised to build an outdoor basketball court on the CLOS grounds. The court will create opportunities for engaging extracurricular activities and promote a healthy and active lifestyle among students.

"The basketball court is still in progress, but once the snow melts and the weather warms up, it can be finished and ready to go," Untereiner said. "Since we don't have a physical gym space here, it will open up opportunities for them to have a greater level of activity. We'll also be putting in some picnic tables for eating outside, and also to act as an outdoor classroom space to give our students both a mental and physical outlet."

In addition to the basketball court, Untereiner has also helped to facilitate a partnership with the school, Primco Dene, and Titans Boxing Club, giving students the chance to participate in Titans' non-contact boxing program. 

"Each student will be able to go over to Titan Boxing, who has worked with a few other NLPS schools," said Untereiner. "Their non-contact boxing focuses on core boxing disciplines and physical activity in a training-style format that mimics boxing techniques without actually facing an opponent."

NLPS Outreach Schools Principal Elliott Bessey speaks highly of Untereiner's passion for improving the experience of the students at Cold Lake Outreach School, and is grateful for the work that she does.

"Allison's exceptional efforts span a wide range of initiatives, showcasing a remarkable commitment to fostering a diverse and enriching learning environment," he said. "One noteworthy aspect of Allison's contributions is her outstanding social media presence, particularly in the context of the Cold Lake Outreach social media. Through strategic and engaging content, she has effectively raised awareness and support for educational initiatives, making a significant impact on the community. This not only enhances the physical infrastructure of Cold Lake Outreach School but also provides students with a vibrant space for recreational and developmental activities."

Untereiner routinely sacrifices to create a positive learning environment for the students at CLOS, including picking up groceries for the school every week, and involving students with setting up and supporting the the Sparkle in the Park event in December. Northern Lights Public Schools extends its appreciation to Allison for her exceptional dedication and congratulates her on her successes and initiative in forming strong community bonds and partnerships, and we look forward to seeing the positive impact of these partnerships throughout the CLOS community.

Allison Untereiner is the Northern Lights Public Schools’ Staff Shining Star for the month of February. Each month during the 2023-2024 school year, NLPS is featuring different Shining Stars and celebrating their contributions and accomplishments.