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Mental Wellness Is... Collaborative Project

To engage students, staff and our communities in discussing Mental Wellness, NLPS will be hosting a collaborative activity for Mental Health Week (May 6-10) called Mental Wellness Is...

We are encouraging students, staff and parents to create a one-page Google Slide presentation that shows how they would finish the prompt "Mental Wellness is..." The slide can include a video, artwork, text, etc. When complete, participants share their slide(s) in Google with and we will create a collaborative slideshow from the submissions.

There are a few different ways you may choose to participate:

1. If you are using Google Slides in your classroom, have your students create a Google Slide and once you have reviewed it, share it with

2. Have your students work on a project individually in class - it can be artwork, writing, video, multimedia, any medium you or they choose. Once it is complete, take pictures, or scan and insert into a Google Slide or mutliple Google Slides and share with

3. Have your students create a collaborative project as a class or group or whole school, insert it into a Google Slide or slides and share with

4. As a staff member, create your own Google Slide focused on the Mental Wellness Is... theme.

5. Get together with your colleagues and create a slide or slides on behalf of your school team.

The deadline to share slides will be Friday, May 10.

If you have any questions, please email