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2024 Prime Minister's Award

Northern Lights Public Schools is celebrating another award-winning teacher. 

Kathie-Lee Gibbons, a Grade 1 teacher at Duclos School, has received a Prime Minister’s Award of Excellence in Teaching Certificate of Achievement. The award recognizes exceptional elementary and secondary school teachers and “their remarkable achievements in education and for their commitment to preparing youth for a digital and innovation-based economy.”

“Kathie demonstrates a high level of commitment and dedication to the profession,” said Principal Jody Centazzo in the nomination package submitted for the award. “She stays on top of current educational trends and puts new learning into practice. She tailors her lessons and her teaching style to the needs of her students, even if it means she is pushed out of her comfort zone. She embraces the challenge and will spend hours of her own time researching, reading, collaborating and looking for professional development opportunities to provide quality instruction.”

Gibbons was recognized for using technology to make learning engaging for students and frequently seeking out innovative ways to assist students with their specific learning needs and goals. Hands-on activities, interactive projects and educational games help to reinforce learning for Gibbons’ students. Her classroom is a safe space for students, with opportunities for them to build social and emotional skills and develop empathy for others.

In addition to highlighting her commitment to excellence in the classroom, Gibbon’s nomination also showcased her commitment to leadership and helping those around her to excel. She welcomes practicum students into her classroom, mentors new teachers, and fosters collaboration and team building with her colleagues.

The NLPS Board of Trustees congratulated Gibbons on her award at the June 24 board meeting. A larger celebration is being planned to take place in the fall with the school community.

“Kathie-Lee ‘s commitment to innovation, collaboration and support for her students is exceptional and we are thrilled that she has been recognized with a Prime Minister’s Award,” said Board Chair Karen Packard. “We are grateful for her many contributions to education at Duclos School we are proud to have her as part of the Northern Lights team.”

“This award is a tremendous honor! Receiving this award while I am teaching at Duclos Elementary School, where I once was a student who was fortunate enough to have been taught by amazing teachers, makes it even more special,” said Gibbons. “I am deeply grateful. This award does not only recognize my teaching but also the incredible support and collaboration of my colleagues, mentors, and loved ones. Receiving this recognition has inspired me to continue to make positive impacts in students' lives.”

This is the second year in a row a teacher from Duclos School has been recognized with a Prime Minister’s Award. In October, Kindergarten teacher Leanne Jordison also received a 2023 Prime Minister’s Award in Teaching Excellence Certificate of Achievement.