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2024 Assurance Survey

Parents of students in grades 4, 7 and 10 (or grades 4-12 at a school with fewer than 120 students), should be receiving letters from Alberta Education in the next couple of weeks that include random access codes to complete the 2024 Alberta Education Assurance Survey.

The survey is taking place in January-March 2024. Parents have two options to complete the survey: use the 8-digit random access code included in the mailout from Alberta Education to access the survey online, or request a paper copy of the survey from your child's school and mail it back to Alberta Education.

NLPS strongly encourages all parents who receive a survey to complete it. Survey results are used to help our schools determine which areas to focus on in their school plans. At the division level, the results are reported on in the division's Annual Education Results Report and are used to help determine strategies in the division's Three-Year Education Plan. 

One question that parents commonly ask every year is what to do when they feel a question is not applicable to them. In its information about the parent survey, Alberta Education advises that parents who feel a question is not applicable to them should leave it blank. Many parents are not aware that if they choose "I Don't Know" as a response, that is counted as a negative response, the same as choosing Disagree or Strongly Disagree. 

We encourage all parents who are completing the survey to contact their child's school if they have any questions about the survey or the topics covered by the survey. 

For more information about the survey and the Assurance Framework, visit Alberta Education Assurance Survey or the Parent Notification from Alberta Education