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2024-2025 School Calendar Approved

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Thank you to all of the parents, students, staff and other stakeholders who provided feedback on the draft 2024-2025 School Calendar.

The Board reviewed the feedback at its board meeting on Wednesday, February 28 and requested several changes to the draft as a result of the input it received.

There were three main aspects of the calendar that were commented on most frequently in the feedback. These were the school year start date, having a March break versus a break aligned with Easter, and potentially shifting IGNITE to the day after Halloween.

In the approved calendar, students will start after the Labour Day long weekend. To accommodate the later start date for students and maintain balanced semesters, the professional development day originally designated for October 11 was shifted to August, prior to students starting school, and the no school day originally scheduled for December 6th was removed.

Spring break was changed to align with Easter and will now take place from April 14-21, instead of at the end of March as was originally proposed.

IGNITE, the division's system-wide professional development day, remains on Oct. 28. While staff and parents had noted some advantages to shifting the event to Nov. 1, changing the event to a Friday would create other challenges and would impact student and staff participation in extracurricular opportunities scheduled for that day and over the weekend. 

The approved version of the calendar is available on our website: 2024-2025 School Calendar