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Wellness Wednesday - July 29, 2020

Our Virtual Summer Camp wraps up today with our final Beach Day and Hope Camp sessions. Thank you to everyone who has joined us on Google Meets for these fun summer activities!

The easiest way to join our Virtual Summer Camp sessions is to have your child log in with their school Google account (email address ending in They should be able to access the camps in Google Meet without having to ask to join the meeting. If your school has not provided your child with their Google username and password, please email us and we will assist you. 

Here are this week’s Mental Health learning opportunities for parents and families:

Virtual Summer Camps

Each camp session will be repeated twice - once in the morning and once in the afternoon - so there are lots of opportunities to pop in and join us.  A list of supplies is provided for each camp, along with resources that should be printed in advance to complete the activities.

Beach Day Camp

You will need the following supplies: Paper, pencil/pen, crayons or markers or pencil crayons, scissors, glue or tape, leaves, sand, baking soda, and shaving cream. Please print the following resources in advance to help complete the activities:

Hope Camp

You will need the following supplies: Paper, pencil/pen, crayons or markers or pencil crayons, string, scissors, glue or tape, an old jar/box/sour cream container or envelope, toilet paper roll, paper towels, water, two cups, washable markers. 

Summer Bingo Challenge

Our Summer Bingo - Mental Health Edition includes fun activities and strategies for cultivating mental health. Take a few minutes each day to complete one of the bingo squares. Complete all of the activities on the card and enter to win a prize! The deadline to submit your completed cards is Friday, August 21, 2020.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see our student volunteers take on our Mental Health and Numeracy challenges! We’ll be posting one video every day featuring one of the activities on our bingo cards. You can also view the videos as they are released on the 2020 Summer Bingo Challenge playlist on our YouTube channel.


Mindful Minutes

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @nlpsab to see a Mindful Minute each Wednesday presented by one of our SFSK Wellness Coaches. Each Mindful Minute focuses on a different mindfulness technique to share with your families!

We will be sharing the videos from previous weeks on our website. Check out our Mindful Minutes page to see the Fish Breathing video from last week!


Mental Health Links and Resources

Don’t forget to check out the resources in the Mental Health section of our website. We are adding new links and resources on a weekly basis.