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March 2022 - Healthy Lifestyle

This month's Wellness Wednesday theme is Healthy Lifestyle. Our Mental Health Team (Wellness Coaches and Student Advocacy Counsellors) will be focusing on the components that make up a Health Lifestyle with students in our schools this month. They have also created a list of activities and resources that parents and guardians can use at home to focus on this theme.

Healthy Lifestyle Activities

  • Participaction
    Videos, activities and information for the whole family about how to to get and stay active.

  • APP: Participaction
    This free app can help you on your physical activity journey.

  • Build Your Best Day Participaction)
    Choose activities that meet the Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines to build your best day ever. Also includes a variety of resources for all age groups.

Healthy Lifestyle Resources

  • Healthy living resources (Government of Alberta)
    Healthy living, active living, and healthy eating resources, including Eat Smart Meet Smart.

  • Canada’s Food Guide (Government of Canada)
    Learn about the updated food guide, and how healthy eating is about more than what you eat. Includes recipes, tips, and resources about healthy eating.

  • BOKS
    BOKS offers resources and tools to get kids moving in fun ways throughout the day, whether they're in the classroom, at home, or outside. For each situation, BOKS offers a variety of resources that will appeal to all school-aged kids. 
  • VIDEOHow to Eat More Mindfully
    This YouTube video from The Science of Happiness discusses how to engage all of your senses and pay attention when you are eating something delicious.

  • At My Best
    This is a free, curriculum-linked resource from PHE Canada designed to support children’s optimal development by inspiring and motivating them to make healthier choices and develop lifelong healthy habits.

Local Workshops and Sessions

  • What to do When you Dread your Bed - Tuesday, March 8, 6-8 p.m.
    For children ages 9-12. This course is designed to teach practical skills while supporting youth with some helpful tips to make bedtime easier.
    Hosted by Cold Lake and District FCSS. Pre-registration is required. Please call 780-594-4495 or visit and click on FCSS and Family Connections programs.

  • Cooperative Parenting and Divorce - Thursday, March 10, 2-4 p.m.
    This workshop helps co-parents design a collaborative plan to ensure their children's needs and interests are the focus and priority during separation/divorce and beyond.
    To register, contact Cold Lake and District FCSS at 780-594-4495.


More Mental Health and Wellness Resources are available on our website, including