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Kindness Part 2 - September 16, 2020

Our Kindness theme continues this week, but we also have some other mental wellness resources and information to share as well.

Menu of Supports

Our Successful Families, Successful Kids Wellness Coaches have developed a new Menu of Supports for the 2020-2021 school year. We’ve posted it on our website so you can see what is available to students in our schools, as well as what is available for caregivers. If you are interested in participating in a caregiver session, please talk to your school administration about what options are available.

Social Distance Greetings

Last week we shared a  Social Distance Greetings poster. This week, our Wellness Coaches have created a video demonstrating each of the greetings. 

Kindness Resources

Suicide Prevention Resources

  • Hopeful Minds
    One of the leading predictors of suicide is hopelessness. Hopeful Minds provides resources that focus on hope and teaching others how to find and maintain hope.

  • Centre for Suicide Prevention
    Branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association based out of Calgary.

COVID-19 Resources


Mindful Minutes

Follow us on Facebook @nlpsab to see a Mindful Minute each Wednesday presented by one of our SFSK Wellness Coaches. Each Mindful Minute focuses on a different mindfulness technique to share with your families!

We will be sharing the videos from previous weeks on our website, including last week’s “Coulds vs. Shoulds.” Check out our Mindful Minutes page to see our videos!


Additional Links and Resources

Don’t forget to check out the resources in the Mental Health section of our website. We are adding new links and resources on a weekly basis.