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Healthy Relationships - November 2020

For the month of November, our division Mental Health Team, which includes our Student Advocacy Counsellors and our Successful Families, Successful Kids Wellness Coaches, will be focusing on Healthy Relationships with our students. 

Our Mental Health team has also prepared some resources for caregivers that can be used at home to help learn about Healthy Relationships.

Healthy Relationship Activities and Resources for Families

  • Healthy Relationships
    This website from includes a wealth of resources related to learning about healthy relationships, consent, and setting boundaries.

  • Love: More is More
    This article from Greater Good Magazine discusses things parents can do to raise a securely attached child.

  • Tips for Building Healthy Relationships with Your Teenagers
    This webpage from the Canadian Association of Mental Health provides parents with 10 ways they can foster a health relationship with their teenagers.

  • How the Teen Brain Transforms Relationships
    This article from Greater Good Magazine discusses how changes to the adolescent brain transform relationships with peers and parents and what adults can learn from those changes.

  • How to Set Healthy Boundaries
    This article from Positive Psychology provides information and examples of health boundaries, as well as worksheets for kids and parents.

  • How to Stop Arguing with Your Kids
    This article by Beverley Cathcart-Ross outlines things you can do to deal with conflict in a respectful and caring manner before it escalates into a power struggle.

  • Natural and Logical Consequences
    This document from Community Services B.C. provides information on using Natural and Logical Consequences for discipline.

  • Teaching Kids How to Deal with Conflict
    This article from Child Mind Institute provides tips to help children build lifelong skills to help them deal with conflict.

  • Problem-Solving Blueprint
    This worksheet from provides a blueprint for solving problems using the Ruler Skill.

  • How to Hold a Successful Family Meeting
    This article from verywellfamily outlines the benefits of holding family meetings and provides tips for how to make them successful, as well as common mistakes to avoid.

  • VIDEO: How to Hold a Family Meeting
    In this YouTube video from HGTV, parenting consultants Josh and Erin Guerrieri offer their best tips for making the most of these meetings.

  • Relationship Violence
    This RCMP webpage includes information on various types of relationship violence and how to prevent and respond to it.

  • Family Violence Supports

The Alberta Government website has information on how to seek help for family violence and supports that are available to individuals experiencing family violence.