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Fostering a Positive Mindset

When we surveyed parents and guardians last year, stress and anxiety were identified as topics that parents wanted to learn more about. This month our Wellness Spotlight is on having a Positive Mindset, which can help lower stress and anxiety and improve resilience. In fact, having a positive mindset has been shown to lower the risk of depression, reduce the risk of death from cardiovascular disease and stroke, and can help you live longer.

Our students will be learning about having a positive mindset and strategies they can use to think positive and be more optimistic. Our Mental Health Team - Student Advocacy Counsellors and Wellness Coaches - will be sharing resources with students, staff and families, and supporting activities and initiatives in our classrooms.



We have two Wellness Stories to share with you this month.

The students and staff of Cold Lake Junior High share the strategies they use to maintain a positive mindset and to help others focus on growth and learning from challenges.


At Duclos School in Bonnyville, students in 4S practise mindfulness, which is an effective strategy for maintaining a positive mindset and reducing stress and anxiety.



Here are some links that our team recommends for families to encourage and promote a positive mindset at home:


Watch for the Counsellor's Connections newsletter from your Student Advocacy Counsellor for more information about what is happening with Fostering a Positive Mindset at your school! For more curated resources, please visit the Positive Mindset section of our Mental Health Resources for Families on our website.



Each month we are offering students, staff and families the opportunity to share their own stories related to our theme on our Engage NLPS website. You can write us a story or poem, make a video, draw or paint a picture, or tell your story in whatever other creative way you can think of. 

For October, here are some things you may want to consider when telling or creating your Positive Mindset story:

  • What things do you do that remind you or help you to think positively?
  • How has having a positive mindset helped you?
  • What is your favourite strategy for maintaining a positive mindset and reducing stress?
  • Is there an activity or book or video that helped you learn about having a positive mindset that you would recommend to others?

Everyone who shares a story will be entered into a monthly draw for a prize, may have their story featured in our Wellness Showcase in May, and will be eligible for our year-end grand prize. Staff or students who submit stories will also earn entries for their school. At the end of the year, one of our schools will also win a prize for their whole school!

We will be sharing more ways to win on Facebook and Instagram. Like and follow us so you don't miss our posts.