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Prioritizing You: May's Self-Care Adventure Awaits!

May is mental health awareness month May 6-12 2024

At our outreach schools we offer supports and opportunities to our students to practice and learn more about self-care. Whether this is by daily interactions and conversations between students and staff or attended presentations and engaged in school activities. 

Mental health week there will be in school activities to support wellness by interacting and being creative. Student were asked during our conversation on recognizing things we encounter that cause emotional and or mental stress.  

The student list included: sadness, broken, narcissism, addictions, isolation, mental, anger, bad home life, hurt feelings.... This is not the whole list and we had lots of duplicates.

The students were wise and when asked about what can we do:

The student positive list included: seek help, take part in community activities, be with others, get more sleep, or try to schedule more sleep or down time. working, exercise, read, nutrition, affirmations, take time for self, taking care of yourself  physically and emotionally. It is interesting to note the students were able to list many things that can make a difference. This is for everyone. Take time for self, seek help if you are struggling, It is ok to share you need help. 

Mental health week, Chalk the walk, do a color by number, paint a rock, play a game of chess or any board game, bean toss, connect four are some of the activities we will offer. And this week pizza day. 

All our outreach schools strive to provide top notch academic courses and supports, We offer through out the school year, student staff engagement and conversations with and for the students. We evolve with our student needs and their and family feedback and we welcome family contact as well. 

Resource Roundup: Mental health care and info

-Black dog called depression  This is a great video about a journey with a black dog named depression. This would help even if your black dog was named sadness, anxiety, loneliness etc. Get your parents or students to view this. 

Northern Lights Public School website has  a resource   Self-Care (<--click here) page on the NLPS website.

Reflecting on Last Month: Remember April was  a great month,.

Time for self reflection and making sure we give ourselves affirmation pat on the back. This is so simple as noting that we got things done, that we are a good friend to others and to ourselves. Mark on the calendar the nice things we did or encountered and at the end of the year before we replace our calendars glance through for happy events and experiences. 

Mental Health as the students shared above do some Self-Care: Not just for students but for families:

  • Create a Relaxing Ritual: Set aside time each day to do something that relaxes you. It could be reading a book, taking a bubble bath, or listening to your favorite music. Make it a sacred ritual that helps you unwind and recharge.
  • Unplug from Screens: Take a break from the digital world and give yourself some screen-free time. Engage in activities that don't involve screens, like painting, writing, playing a musical instrument, or spending time in nature. Let your imagination run wild!
  • Physical Self-Care: Engage in activities that get your body moving and feeling great. Whether it's dancing to your favorite tunes, going for a bike ride, or practicing yoga, find activities that bring you joy and keep you physically healthy.
  • Mental Self-Care: Feed your brain with things that make you happy and challenged. Read a captivating book, solve puzzles, or engage in creative pursuits like drawing, painting, or writing. Give your mind the nourishment it needs!
  • Emotional Self-Care: Tune in to your emotions and find healthy ways to express them. Talk to a trusted friend, keep a journal, or engage in activities that bring you comfort, such as listening to music or cuddling with a pet.
  • Social Self-Care: Surround yourself with positive and supportive people. Spend time with friends who lift you up, join clubs or groups that align with your interests, and nurture those connections that bring you joy and laughter

Connect with Our Student Advocacy Counsellors: Your Support System

Seeking guidance or want to discuss well-being? Our Student Advocacy Counsellors are here for you. at the Cold Lake Outreach or call 780-594-6885. at Lac La Biche (also  Journeys and Crossroads) Outreach or call 780-623-2658.                                                                                                      at Bonnyville Outreach or call 780-826-3111. 

One more month and it is summer time. Get your spring projects done soon so you wont worry when it is time to relax and enjoy the sun