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Embracing the Power of Kindness: February's Heartfelt Journey

Hello, wonderful Outreach parents and students

Thanks for checking us out today.

WE Survived the January FREEZING.. well at least Crystal did.Click to view larger


Now as we step into February, a month normally associated with love and warmth, we're excited to explore and share the heartwarming theme of Kindness. This month lets extend compassion and kindness. Not just to family and friends but to others. Please take note that we recognize on

February 28th  as our Pink Day. Click to view larger

This month a increased focus on having positive conversations, how to listen and be aware of how we interact with others. "WEAR PINK" . This is an ideal day to get everyone involved in working toward eliminating the struggles faced by so many kids today. This day uses the color pink to raise awareness and fight against bullying, discrimination. Please be part of our journey in  making the world a brighter place through acts of kindness and genuine connection. During the month of February CLOS students will be participating in the "CLOS you being KIND"! Students will receive tickets from staff for caught being kind. Students can earn rewards such as sundae making bar, earning increased social literacy time or the top goal of a pizza party! At LLBOS, JLA AND COS as well as BOS are offering the Learner Prep Presentation that will help our student achieve success in challenging their learner test. Also being offered is digital media addiction and safety awareness. At LLBOS with JLA AND COS a field trip to Portage College Lac La Biche. 

Lunch time and snacks are offered to our outreach students daily to ensure a health body, healthy mind uplifted spirit and the energy to learn. 

Explore these carefully selected resources for parents and students of all ages, designed to inspire and cultivate kindness: I checked these sites out and though there are more basic activities for the younger years I found that reviewing the activities  reminded me of the joys of learning and sharing with my teens and my grandchildren and using some of these activities

For more resources, check out the Kindness page on the NLPS website.

Reflecting on Last Month: Your Insights Matter! January 

January was a busy month for our students. PD exams was held for many of our students and for others the journey to complete course work prior to the new term. In January we also explored the topic of self care. CLOS student's participated in self care activities such as Barre Classes with Big Al, yoga and making bath bombs and essential oils spray to put in their stress kits.


Lets take a moment and talk BELL

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in January with recognition on Mental health. Mental health challenges occur all year long there is no way that we know when others are facing their challenges. Whether it is  physical or mental wellbeing. "Just talk about it, ask someone how they are doing". Let them tell you their story and challenges. Help them access resources and supports and keep the conversation ongoing.


Nurturing Kindness: Tips for Students

Students, let's cultivate kindness:

  1. Offer a smile or kind words to brighten someone's day.
  2. Help a classmate or teacher with schoolwork or a task.
  3. Create and share uplifting notes or artwork.
  4. Practice active listening and show empathy.
  5. Stand up against bullying and offer support.

Connect with Our Student Advocacy Counsellors: Here for You

Seeking guidance or want to discuss well-being? Our Student Advocacy Counsellors are here for you. Reach out at at the Cold Lake Outreach or call 780-594-6885. Reach out with at Lac La Biche(also  Journeys and Crossroads) Outreach or call 780-623-2658. Reach out at at Bonnyville Outreach or call 780-826-3111. We enjoy connecting with our students and parents/guardians whether by phone or in person give us a call.

Here's to a February filled with heartfelt gestures, shared smiles, and a tapestry of kindness. Let's make the world brighter, one act of kindness at a time!