Lac La Biche Regional Outreach

Lac La Biche Regional Outreach Schools offer individual personalized academic plans, community involvement opportunities, career development, and experiential learning opportunities within a safe and positive environment.

Due to the tremendous effort and hard work of our students, parents, and staff we continue to grow and excel continually creating new opportunities for the youth of Lac La Biche and surrounding areas.

We continually encourage our students to continue to pursue their goals and I encourage you to navigate through this site and learn more about the Outreach Schools in our area and decide if they might be right for you.

It includes 3 schools;

  • Journeys Learning Academy in Kikino Metis Settlement
  • Crossroads Outreach School in Buffalo Lake Metis Settlement
  • Lac la Biche Outreach School in Lac La Biche


We believe that our students are life-long learners who deserve a spectrum of creative opportunities to achieve success in a supportive, respectful environment that will provide them with skills for the rest of their lives.

School Profile

The Lac La Biche Regional Outreach Schools (LLB-ROS) offer an alternative learning program for students who either cannot or chose not to complete their education within a traditional setting. LLB-ROS delivers highly individualized programs to students in grades 9 to 12 (14-19 years) using a holistic approach to education by considering the students' total needs through counseling, recreation, living skills and work projects. The intent LLB-ROS is to assist dropouts and at-risk students to complete their education.

The individualized approach at LLB-ROS starts with the student’s Personal Development Plan. This plan combines the student’s goals with Alberta High School Diploma requirements and the student’s abilities to create an achievable plan. Together, the student, their family and school staff work towards achieving the goals set out in the student’s plan over the course of the school year.
LLB-ROS are located in the communities of Buffalo Lake (Crossroads Outreach), Kikino (Journey Learning Academy), and Lac La Biche (Lac La Biche Outreach).

Crossroads Outreach in Buffalo Lake and Journeys Learning Academy both operate with an enrolment of roughly 20-25 students with one teacher and one educational assistance per site. Lac La Biche Outreach operates with an enrolment of roughly 40 students with two teachers and a part time educational assistant. The principal and Student Advocacy Counsellors are between all three sites and an administrative assistant who operates out of Lac La Biche Outreach but is responsible for the administrative duties of all three programs.

Principal's Message

Welcome students, families and community members to another year with Lac La Biche Regional Outreach Program Schools.

At LLB-ROS we are a family of learners that work together to help one another achieve our individual and collective goals. Our success is the result of the hard work of our students, staff, families and community members. As we move forward we will continue to grow and look for further opportunities to provide our students with a more dynamic learning environment.

Outreach education has always been about individuality, innovation and excellence in all we do and strive for. Our goal is not only help every student achieve their Alberta high school diploma but achieve their personal goals along the way. In addition to a low student to staff ratio our students have access to a career counsellor and a student advocacy counsellor. There is truly no shortage of supports available.

I look forward to seeing our returning faces again and meeting all of the new ones. Good luck and have fun this year!

Elliott Bessey
Principal, Lac La Biche Regional Outreach