Cold Lake Outreach School

The Cold Lake Outreach School is a Grade 10-12 Outreach school located in the City of Cold Lake. CLOS delivers the Alberta high school curriculum in an alternative setting and method to that of a traditional school. In addition to the full academic curriculum, this rapidly growing program also offers dynamic option courses.  These include physical education, art, photography, outdoor education, aboriginal studies, cooking/baking, forensics, job safety, and much more.  These programs combined with strong personal and career counseling opportunities, flexible attendance agreements, access to Internet and Library services, and outstanding educational field trips make CLOS a provincial leader in Outreach education.


We believe that our students are life-long learners who deserve a spectrum of creative opportunities to achieve success in a supportive, respectful environment that will provide them with skills for the rest of their lives.


Our community provides individualized education to students within a safe and supportive environment where all participants feel they belong, and have purpose.

We empower all to provide opportunities and guidance for participants to achieve their academic and life goals, as they grow towards an independent future as positive contributing citizens.  

School Values

Our vision lends itself to our values, and what we believe as a staff is important for our students and ourselves.  We model these values to our students, and using values clarification, we teach our students the importance of these values in their lives.

Principal's Message

As another year begins, it's hard not to look back at all the great successes our Outreach Program has had.

This year we are looking forward to working far more closely with our fellow outreach schools in Bonnyville and Lac La Biche. All three schools have had such tremendous successes, and this year we hope to draw from each other to make a more collaborative and effective program.

Our reputation around the province as a high quality Outreach school continues to grow as well. This is evident in that we continue to have high graduation rates and high student success rates. Students who attend Cold Lake Outreach and subscribe to the Outreach model prove that alternative education can work wonders. Our great successes would never be possible without our outstanding staff, alumni, parent and community support.

I am looking forward to an excellent year, and I am very proud to be your Assistant Principal!

Elliott Bessey, Principal
Northern Lights Outreach Schools