Bonnyville Outreach School

Welcome to Bonnyville Outreach School. We truly believe that this will be the best school a student will ever attend.  Bonnyville Outreach is more than a school -  we are a 'family'… dedicated to helping everyone succeed. Students enter our school and experience a rich, warm, and caring environment where they are given the opportunity to acquire the tools they will need to not only succeed in school but more importantly, to succeed outside of school as well.

What Makes Us Great

  • An accepting environment enables students to succeed in ways they never have before

  • The flexibility offered by self-paced learning allows students to take the extra time they need to succeed or accelerate ahead.

School Philosophy

The BOS approach creates student success by:

  • recognizing that no two students are alike.
  • being mindful of circumstances that are barriers to learning.
  • nurturing an environment that strengthens connectedness and fosters a sense of community.
  • encouraging collective responsibility.
  • thinking win-win in helping all our students achieve their educational goals.

Principal's Message

I would like to welcome you to Bonnyville Outreach School. BOS is a unique school that offers students a chance to excel in education. BOS is more than a school that focuses on only the academic needs of students. Many students can be overwhelmed and lost in traditional school settings. At BOS we help students with all aspects of their life and focus on getting our students to graduation.

Students work to receive a regular high school diploma, just as they would in a traditional school; we just change the method and style in which we deliver instruction. Through individual flexible schedules, students can work at a pace suited to their particular learning style. Students work on modules, participate in discussion groups, and focus on developing a broad range of academic skills and social aptitudes. Expert staff are available to work with students in small groups or one on one, students are better able to complete the requirements they need to graduate.

Elliott Bessey
Principal, Northern Lights Outreach School