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About our School

Commitment to You

At Kikino School we are committed to delivering top quality programming that is individualized and customized to your child. We are committed to delivering staff who are well versed in quality instructional delivery that exists in a safe and caring environment with a focus on academic achievement and built on a foundation of holistic child development awareness.

Core Purpose

Every child at Kikino School will be offered a personalized education that prioritizes student achievement and excellence built on a holistic foundation that includes a focus on fitness and fine arts and delivered in a safe and caring environment where parents, families, community members, community service providers and local leadership are contributing partners, and where local culture is respected and valued.

Core Values

Communication that is data driven; multi-level-multi-purpose; is active and community driven.
Cooperation that involves building up the community together.
Teamwork that celebrates; focuses on growth and involves the community
Metis and First Nations culture that flows through community, children, and staff.
Responsibility that is clear and accountable and includes student, staff, family, and community


Kikino School welcomes new students throughout the year!

To register, go to the NLPS Registration page.

Instructions to register for student transportation are on the Transportation Registration page.

Ms. Laurie Thompson Principal
Mr. Brad White Administrative Assistant
Ms. Skylar Harpe Student Advocacy Counsellor
Mrs. Raylene Cardinal Teacher
Mrs. Jillian Ekeberg Teacher
Ms. Ruselyn Magtolis Teacher
Mrs. Ashley McDonald-Ryl Teacher
Mr. Alex Ryl Teacher
Miss Dayna Thompson Teacher
Ms. Cristina Bruno Educational Assistant
Ms. Karen Laviolette Educational Assistant
Ms. Holly Quinn Educational Assistant
Ms. Denise White Educational Assistant
Miss Sheena White Educational Assistant

Literacy and numeracy is the backbone of your child's lifelong learning. 


Literacy is about reading, writing, listening, speaking, presenting, and viewing. All of these skills are necessary for communication. Our focus at Kikino School is to support the foundational development and use of these skills. 

We do this with instruction to the whole group; small group; and one to one where identified as a need. Practice and the use of instructional technology to assist are also necessary pieces of this learning. 

Data collection includes: Fountas and Pinnell reading scores; Doltch lists; early literacy survey results; and classroom samples. 

Our school goal includes demonstrating continuous improvement in individual reading results as gathering using the Fountas and Pinnell diagnostic tool. 

Library and Home Reading


Libraries have changed over the last several years and have evolved beyond returning and signing out books.  Our library contains various literacy and oral language activities for students which include: iPads, e-readers, listening centers, building/creating centres, and of course, books!

Home Reading

Home Reading is a mandated daily home reading program. Research has shown that daily home reading programs focus on practice, practice, practice and show reading comprehension improvements up to 2-3 years in a school year. Teachers have been directed to allocate a percentage of the language arts mark to the home reading logs.

Every day, after your child reads, they can write down their minutes in their agenda and a parent/guardian can initial the minutes.

Classroom teachers have incentives for student reading.


Mathematics is a complex process and begins early in life. 

Number sense is the first piece and includes data analysis; geometry; algebra; and measurement.

As students move through the grades their math knowledge builds on previously learned outcomes. We assess their learning using a number of tools including teacher assessment, Adaptive Diagnostic Assessment of Mathematics, and WIAT results.

Our school goal focuses on improving use of the language of math. 

All Northern Lights elementary schools offer a full-day of programming for Kindergarten students five days a week.

We enhance the provincially-mandated half-day Kindergarten curriculum with a Kindergarten Extension program based on Flight: Alberta’s Early Learning and Care Curriculum Framework to provide students with a full-day Kindergarten experience.

The Kindergarten curriculum is taught by a certified teacher. The Extension program is provided by our Extension Educational Assistants (EA’s).

How the time spent in each part of the program is divided up during the day may look slightly different at each school. For example, at some schools students may spend the morning focusing on the Kindergarten curriculum with their teacher, and the afternoon on the Flight curriculum with their Extension EA. At other schools, the teacher and EA may alternate throughout the day. Each school will share what the schedule looks like with parents prior to school starting in September.

For more information, including how to register, please visit the NLPS Kindergarten page.

Developing Leadership Skills

At Kikino School, students have plenty of opportunities to take part in leadership programs.  Some programs are seasonal, and some last all year.  Students can join as many leadership programs as they want and/or do not have to join any at all.  

Leadership programs change from year to year based on student interests.

The primary focus of the leadership program is to foster a sense of belonging, mastery, generosity, and independence. Students further work on speaking and presenting skills. 

Over the course of the year students are encouraged to develop more and more independence to carry out leadership responsibilities and to develop confidence and competence to carry out leadership duties. 

Ski Leadership

This program focuses on setting up, carrying out, cleaning up, coaching, and promoting the ski program at Kikino School. 

Metis Ambassadors

These opportunities include hosting in-person tours and virtual tours to showcase our school. Developing confidence and competence to speak clearly and with knowledge and understanding are lifelong skills that students develop in this program. 

Metis Cultural Performers

These are our jiggers, cree singers, and fiddlers. By providing students with opportunities to showcase their budding talents contributes to personal well being and understanding of who they are as Metis people. 

Me to We

This group promotes awareness of life beyond our community and helps to foster a sense of giving of oneself to help others. These students bring awareness of needs for water, food, housing, and education at the local, country, and world perspective. 

Daily Physical Education

Movement, exercise, and physical education are important in our everyday lives.  Physical education encompasses a wide range of activities and does not only mean "gym".  Phys ed programming has changed from sport-based to movement and skill-based.  This means that we do not have chunks of time where we only play basketball, or soccer, or hockey.

At Kikino School, each class is scheduled at least 30 minutes of daily phys ed as well as additional land-based seasonal outdoor activities (this includes skiing, snowshoeing, hiking).

During the winter months, we have Wednesday "Ski Day" where each class gets 1 hour to enjoy the outdoors while on skis or snowshoes.

Our Partners

Ever Active Schools has been a partner that has taught us to promote 'gym for life'. Students will need to learn to make their own 'gym class' as they get older. The program focuses on the development of skills that will assist in transition from school gym class to sport for life and includes exposure to skills for golf, hockey, basketball, badminton, racketball, running, jogging, walking, swimming, skiing, and snowshoeing to name just a few!

Spirit North is our main partner in promoting our winter sports focus. We have been successful in transitioning in a dryland training focus that is the front and back end of our winter ski and snowshoe program. We provide opportunities for students who would like to experience the racing aspect of nordic skiing.