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About our School

Our school operates on a 10-month school year. Northern Lights Public Schools adheres to the curriculum requirements for students in K-8 as set out by Alberta Education. Instructional Services provides support to ensure that the instructional programs meet the learning needs of all students, reflect the Alberta Program of Studies and operate within the Division's guidelines.

Metis Culture

Caslan School is proud to serve the community of Buffalo Lake Métis Settlement. We want to encourage our students and the surrounding community to celebrate their heritage and culture. As a staff we look to integrate cultural approaches into our classrooms whenever possible.


Caslan School welcomes new students throughout the year!

To register, go to the NLPS Registration page.

Instructions to register for student transportation are on the Transportation Registration page.

Mr. David Skoglund Principal
Mrs. E. Atkin Administrative Assistant
Mr. D. Downes ECS, K-8 Physical Education Teacher
Miss T. Giacobbo Grade 1/2, 5/6 Teacher
Ms. S. Simpson Grade 1/2 Teacher, Inclusive Education Coordinator
Ms. A. Holt Grade 3/4 Teacher
Ms. M. O-Connor Grade 5/6 Teacher (AM), ECS Extension EA (PM)
Mrs. M. Gardner Grade 7/8 Teacher
Mrs. B. Desjarlais Educational Assistant
Mrs. S. Handel Student Advocacy Counsellor
Mrs. T. Letourneau Educational Assistant
Mrs. A. Parent Educational Assistant
Mrs. A. Plamondon Educational Assistant

Handling tools safely and building projects.

Our school industrial arts program teaches manual and technical skills that give students confidence in handling tools. Students who excel in the industrial arts program may continue in a related post-secondary program at the college or university level. Some build on skills through apprenticeship programs following high school. Others may simply find that acquired skills are valuable in day-to-day life.

All Northern Lights elementary schools offer a full-day of programming for Kindergarten students five days a week.

We enhance the provincially-mandated half-day Kindergarten curriculum with a Kindergarten Extension program based on Flight: Alberta’s Early Learning and Care Curriculum Framework to provide students with a full-day Kindergarten experience.

The Kindergarten curriculum is taught by a certified teacher. The Extension program is provided by our Extension Educational Assistants (EA’s).

How the time spent in each part of the program is divided up during the day may look slightly different at each school. For example, at some schools students may spend the morning focusing on the Kindergarten curriculum with their teacher, and the afternoon on the Flight curriculum with their Extension EA. At other schools, the teacher and EA may alternate throughout the day. Each school will share what the schedule looks like with parents prior to school starting in September.

For more information, including how to register, please visit the NLPS Kindergarten page.

Leading with enthusiasm and charisma.

Student leadership skills prepare students for leading active lives within communities and give them skills that are sought after by employers. Acquiring leadership skills in school provides the ground work for lifelong learning and personal development.