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Full STEAM Ahead

The competition was fierce and fun as over 300 NLPS students in grades 6 through 9 participated in the 2019 STEAM Challenge at the Bold Centre in Lac La Biche on Thursday, April 11.

“This is an event that our students look forward to every year,” said Board Chair Arlene Hrynyk. “It is wonderful to see all of the students so engaged in the challenges and excited to compete against other students in the division.”

Competing in teams of five, the students tackled a series of three challenges that tested their teamwork and creativity as well as their STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) skills. Two of the challenges also featured math challenges that could earn the team bonus points if they got the correct answer.

The event started with” Text on the Table.” Students were given three newspapers, a sheet of chip board and masking tape, and had to build a free-standing table that could support as many text books as possible. Some teams elected to focus on the height of the table, while others went for a shorter table in the hopes it could hold more books. Students crowded round as some teams were able to stack dozens of books on their tables before the stack tumbled to the floor.

“Blow Off Some Steam” featured students creating a free standing balloon tower using just 25 balloons and masking tape. The sound of popping balloons filled the fieldhouse as students constructed their towers, some of which required some of the volunteer judges to stand on chairs to measure.

For the final challenge, “Zippadeedoodah,” students were given a propeller, elastics, popsicle sticks, paper clips, gorilla tape, and card stock to build a self-propelling structure that would travel as far as possible along a zip line.

In her closing speech to participants, Heather Stromquist, NLPS Director of Community Partnerships and Engagement, noted the event wouldn’t be possible without the support of the many volunteers in attendance and the support from local businesses.

Sponsors for this year's event include Britton's Your Independent Grocer, Canadian Natural, Cenovus, Devon Canada, EDCON Power Tongs, Enbridge, Imperial, Thinkwerx, Bonnyville Nouvelle, boom 103.5, boom 95.3, and Kool 101.3.

Students from 14 NLPS schools competed in the 2019 STEAM Challenge. This year, a Most Creative award was given out at each grade level in addition to first, second and third place awards.

1st Place Winners

Grade 6 – H.E. Bourgoin Middle School – HEB 6G

  • Bailey Runciman
  • Aloysius Kaiser
  • Vanessa Boehk
  • Aiden George

Grade 7 – Aurora Middle School - Aurora Looney Losers

  • Aspen Desjarlais
  • Mercedes Forsberg
  • Chloe Cardinal
  • Madi Whiteknife
  • Emily Newhook

Grade 8 – H.E. Bourgoin Middle School - HEB 8J

  • Brandon Potts
  • Dylan Boehk
  • Luke Poulin
  • Hannah Thorne
  • Kade Dyck

Grade 9 – Cold Lake High School - CLHS SAS

  • Dawson Cook
  • Brooklynn Lasell
  • Jayden Nagoya
  • Keira Hancock


2nd Place Winners

Grade 6 – Glendon School - Glendon Lightning Scientists

  • Danaye Berlinguette
  • Cadence Kissel
  • Odin Haiden
  • Tamyka Trueit
  • Isabella Hupalo

Grade 7 – H.E. Bourgoin Middle School - HEB 7S

  • Jaren Conrad
  • Triston Jacob
  • Jordyn Skarsen
  • Alexa Gamble
  • Talia Wells

Grade 8 – Ecole Plamondon School - EPS 8

  • Trystin Kim
  • Safron Egoroff
  • Emilian Barsukoff
  • Carleigh Reid
  • Sarah Menard

Grade 9 – Cold Lake High School - CLHS Royals

Evan Aessie

Brody Greengrass

Astin Hollingshead

Christian Bowering


3rd Place Winners

Grade 6 – Nelson Heights Middle School - Grade 6 Team 3

Dmitri Storoschuk

Kaden Lewis

Preslee Jaques

Annora Jackson

Hope Wierstra

Grade 7 – Cold Lake Middle School - CLMS The Big Bang  

Ethan Blakie

Brady Woloshyn

Amelia Gurski

Lila Kynaston

Ava Pinch     

Grade 8 – Art Smith Aviation Academy - ASAA Rocket Scientists

Mitchel Swansburg

Ben Cassar-Torregiani

Quinton Bailey

Brady Cooper

Julia Reyes

Grade 9 – J.A. Williams High School - JAWS 1

Grace Brazil

Brycen Cadieux

Jonah Smith

Ivan Ennest

Gregory Wiebe


Most Creative

Grade 6 – Aurora Middle School - Aurora Lil Chungas

Andie Holden

Kendra Kuziemsky

Nichole Carothers

Josie Jaekel

Phoenix Manywounds

Grade 7 – Aurora Middle School - Aurora Scientific Avocados

Tamia Whitford

Ella Ball

Emmy Saunders

Jorja Jaekel

Giripriya Panicker

Grade 8 – Nelson Heights School - Expert Elements

Waniya Khan

Maycee Keichinger

Lochlyn Packard

Holly Dodman

Haley Himshoot

Grade 9 – Cold Lake High School - CLHS SAS

Dawson Cook

Brooklynn Lasell

Jayden Nagoya

Keira Hancock

For more highlights from the 2019 STEAM Challenge, including photos and video, check out our STEAM Challenge page.