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Drivers reminded to watch for students walking and biking

Northern Lights Public Schools would like to remind drivers to be on alert for students walking and biking to and from school, and when there are large school events operating in our communities.

With the nice fall weather we have many students walking to and from school or choosing to ride a bike or scooter. While many drivers pay extra attention in school zones, most students start their journey to school in locations outside of those areas. It is important to be aware that students can be on the road in any location in your community. Please pay particular attention to crosswalks, bus stop locations, parking lots and areas that are congested due to parking or heavy traffic. 

Drivers are also reminded to watch for students at times of day other than before and after school. Schools often take advantage of nice weather in the spring and fall to go on field trips in their community and walk to the location they are visiting. This may include going to nearby parks, community facilities or businesses. It may also include school events such as the Terry Fox run, practising for cross-country, or community service projects. Local schools have also been practising evacuating and relocating students to alternate locations. These are all reasons students may be walking in our communities during the school day. 

“We need everyone in our community to work together to ensure our students arrive at school and then return home safely at the end of the day,” said Superintendent Rick Cusson.