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AP 626: Worker Injury Reporting


The Division believes staff injuries can be avoided or reduced by following acceptable safety practices and procedures. However, when injuries or medical emergencies occur they must be addressed in a timely, appropriate and legislated manner including first aid, medical aid, recovery and reporting. All injuries, accidents and near misses must be reported in accordance with the following procedures. Reporting injuries, accidents and near misses ensures that medical claims and return to work plans are processed and arranged appropriately, and to reduce the likelihood of future similar accidents or injuries.

This administrative procedure also pertains to volunteers as applicable. Student injuries or medical emergencies are addressed in Administrative Procedure 614.

Reporting Procedures

  1. In the event of an injury or medical emergency the health of the staff member is the first priority, and immediate action must be taken including but not limited to calling 911 (when appropriate), administering first aid, seeking medical assistance or arranging medical appointments.
  2. Staff injured or experiencing a medical emergency on site or while on the job must inform their supervisor of the accident or incident as soon as possible. The process of informing the supervisor shall not interfere with the staff member’s ability to receive appropriate medical attention.
  3. Staff injured or experiencing a medical emergency on the job must submit an Employee Accident / Exposure Incident Report form as soon as possible, and no later than 24 hours after the accident or incident. The supervisor must inform the injured staff member of the requirement to complete the form. If the injured staff member is not able to complete the form due to the workplace injury their supervisor shall complete the form on behalf of the injured staff member to the best of their ability.
    The Employee Accident / Incident Report can be accessed on the division’s website ( Staff can navigate to the report by selecting NLPS Staff Connect and selecting the appropriate links. All requested information must be entered and the requested steps must be followed to submit the report. The information should be as detailed as possible in the report - what occurred, how it occurred, the conditions that led to the incident, what part of the body was impacted, a description of any pain, and what first aid measures were taken.
  4. If, or when, obtaining medical care, the injured staff member must inform the attending physician that the injury is due to a workplace accident or incident. Before leaving the medical facility the injured staff member should seek a medical note that can be shared with the employer. Further, staff with WCB coverage must be truthful and properly disclose lawfully required information when they inform any medical personnel involved in their care (e.g. doctor, nurse, Emergency Medical Services personnel) that the injury occurred at work. Prior to leaving the medical clinic, the staff member is required to ensure that they get provided documentation (either medical note or copy of the physician WCB report) that states one of the following:
    1. the staff member can return to regular work,
    2. the staff member can return to work with modified duties/hours (with an explanation of the modifications), or
    3. the staff member needs to take medical leave due to injury.
  5. In the event that work will be missed due to workplace injury the Human Resources Department must be informed to ensure that the information is correctly reported to WCB.
  6. The Human Resources Department is responsible for the development of any return to work plan that requires a modification of duties or hours. Supervisors, or school administrators, shall not develop or implement a modified return to work plan without direction from the Human Resources Department.
  7. As soon as possible supervisors, or school administrators, shall inform the Safety Coordinator, who in turn shall inform Occupational Health and Safety, of the following as required by legislation:
    1. a worker has died at work or from an illness connected to the work site
    2. A worker has been or will be admitted to a hospital as a result of a workplace injury, illness or incident (hospital admission does not include treatment at an emergency room or urgent care centre)
    3. A person has been injured or becomes ill from an unplanned or uncontrolled explosion, fire or flood, the collapse or upset of a crane, derrick, or hoist, or the collapse or failure of any component of a building or structure.
  8. An investigation may be conducted and documented by the Division’s Safety Coordinator if required for any injury, with a priority on moderate to serious injuries. This may determine the causal effects and help to minimize future injuries or incidents. A secondary focus of an investigation will be to determine if there is a way or ways to reduce or prevent further damage to Division property. Investigations by the Safety Coordinator will be focused on cause of the injury and possible preventative actions, and not on attributing blame for the injury, that is, they shall be conducted without prejudice. Investigation reports shall be made available to an Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Officer if required or requested.